Monday, May 9, 2011

Potpourri for 200 dollars, Alex :)

For you younger than 50ish- the title is a reference from Jeopardy 
So be prepared for a little bit of everything :D
I decided to post a few pictures that I have 
taken lately and a few that I've found on 
some dusty old slides from the early 70's.
You're in for a treat now :)
My niece Sarai has started decorating cakes-
When ever we have a get together
she volunteers to bring dessert, which is
okay by me :)
This is the Mother's Day cake she made.
Not only is it beautiful, with it's magnolia
on the top, but it was chocolate/cherry cake.
It was divine.
When Kira comes in July, we are having
a cake making play date- so book
early, it's gonna fill up fast :)

These next two pictures just make me smile.
The many faces of Mags.

I just liked them.

This past month was Prom-
So now a few of Sierra's prom pictures.
She bought this dress on line,
we just had to add the top underneath
so it was wearable. 
(Where are all the modest designers nowadays?
I realize Alyce's in the mall has some, but 
they charge over 400 bucks for them.
Someone could make a killing in this area
if they'd offer affordable, decent dresses!

I'm done now)

It took a second to get her into the thing
with all that lacing up the back!
She had to have me help her get it off 
when she came home that night. hehehe
Made me feel a bit safer sending her out in it :D

 She loved how poofy it was.
and her silvery "Tom" shoes.
Pam and Stephen took the dress to 
the tux place to get just the right color to 
match. makes me giggle- what a big
deal was made over it all :D
A BIG shout out to Shauna for getting this boy's
act together! thanks again! xoxoxo hugs to you. 

Get ready for some crazy
blast from the past pictures!
In March 1973- just a few months
after my brothers passed away, my
parents took me on a "let's be happy 
and function like a family again" trip to 
SoCal. It worked for me.
We went with my cousins- stayed in campgrounds
 and had a wonderful time. 
My mom was a trooper.
but her hair makes me laugh
real hard! When Sierra saw this picture
she said, "Grandma used to have eyebrows?!"
ha ha ha
You bet she did.

See me talking to my mom?
See my shirt? I LOVED that shirt. :)
I forgot I even had it until I saw these slides.
I had so much fun going through them!

In the red is my aunt Colleen Davis.
Look close at the food on the table-
who would travel with bottled goods now?
Me and my cousin Christine
in front of the St. George temple.
What a looker I was, hubba, hubba.
I was in 9th grade people. Don't forget this
when you start judging :)
  I also found pictures
 of my brother Randy from his mission
to Chihuahua Mexico.
This is him and his last comp on
a big old pile of cotton.
 Just a weird side note- these two were
killed when driving in a datsun pickup
by a cotton truck. It was a little freaky
to find pictures of them and cotton
and even a big cotton truck
in the slides. 
 This last slide he had labeled "Sunday 
Dude". What a corn ball! 
But I love this picture.
Now wasn't that fun?
It sure was for me.
Except now I have that dumb Jeopardy
song stuck in my head....