Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Made It

This is not a very high quality photo-
but it says what I am feeling right about now.
After months of preparation, crafting,
wrapping, cooking, shopping, planning,
cooking, shopping for my mother's gifts to give out,
cleaning, cooking, going to parties,
throwing parties, cleaning before and
after parties, cooking, and trying to 
please everybody-
 I'm pooped.
As one sister said during RS's
"good news moment" today-
there is 364 more days until Christmas :)
It's a bit of a let down,
but also a huge relieffffffffff-
Christmas 2010 is now
a memory.
I really want to be more organized 
next year and way thinner
so I look better in all those 
candid photos being snapped!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread houseapalooza

We've had a family tradition of making
gingerbread houses the week before Christmas
at our house for the last, oh I don't know,
too many years now. Each year I think to myself-
I'm not going to stress myself out trying
to make homemade houses this year!
But someone always brings up the
question- when are we making houses?
So, of course, if someone really is
excited about making the dang things,
I'll make them. And I'm always glad I do :)
We had a heck of a group make them this
year! All my kids (but one whom I won't
name, since she moved away to Iowa-
but if you look at her blog, you can
see she's carried on the tradition!
With amazing houses of their own
I might add :)
 As you can see- our gingerbread is 
really good! Good enough to eat
as Will is demonstrating.
He tried a little bit of everything
in front of him!
Our official food tester :)
 When we weren't looking- Mags
grabbed the spatula out of the frosting
bowl and started licking it!
The frostings pretty decent too :)
(Mallory thought it smelled bad while it
was mixing. She asked me if it smelled 
bad because it wasn't finished cooking yet. 
When I let her taste it, she thought
it smelled okay then :)
 Some of our finished products-
Lisa and kids-
Mal did almost all the decorating by
herself! I hope you can see the 
cheddar bunnies in the windows :)
We raided the pantry to get the 
decorating goodies.
As soon as the picture was taken-
Mal ate all the candies off one side
of the house! (I love being a grandma!!
eat all the candy you want!
It's Christmas :)
 Here is Sierra's house. 
Each year she picks a different 
holiday theme to decorate her house.
A few years ago she did a white trash
trailer house, last year was a farm.
This year she picked to do a jail house.
What says Christmas more than
bars on the window?
 In the front is the "inmate" with
a ball and chain attached to his leg.
The back is protected by the guards
with pretzel guns.
Can't wait to see what next years theme is.
 Brad, Ash and Mags did the most colorful
house! See their black snowman on the side?
He has a big red nose :)
Isn't is amazing that Brad can't look
like a normal boy?
 Look how cute Tommy and Sophie's house is.
And how very symetrical it is too :)
Tommy did the chimney and smoke that's coming
out. Then he just bugged the heck out of Sophie
the rest of the time. See her cute pink snowman
with dreadlocks? You should have seen what
Tommy tried to put on the snowman's head!
We'll hope this marriage lasts :)
 Here's Mags with his tongue out again!
When they were leaving and he was giving
Grammy a kiss goodbye- this is what he 
looked like too, only aimed at Grammy's face.
Maybe a little too much sugar? hehehehe
 Here is Eddie throughout the whole house
making party. Doesn't he look enthused? 
We had a blast and I'm glad we once again
made houses. But I don't know if I'll
do it again next year!! ;)
 Just a bonus story-
Because of a crazy fluke and an
ancestor who looked to his families future-
Eddie, all his siblings and their spouses 
have burial plots
by each other. 10 spots. 
Eddie is demonstrating
below where his plot is. a little creep you say?
I agree! Plus knowing and seeing where 
I will someday
be "laid to rest" is MORE than a bit creepy!
But he does look cute, eh?
 And this picture is for Kira-
look how cute Mallory is on Santa's lap :)
Merry Christmas 
all my dear friends

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just a few Ho, Ho, Ho's

The time to blog is very slim-
but I thought I'd share some
Holiday cheer :)