Thursday, February 24, 2011

Million Dollar Smile

Sierra has wanted braces for as long
as I can remember. The dentist never
said it was a need, so I didn't ever press
for it. Sierra argued that since she was 
going into the dental field, she should
have perfect teeth. She won her dad over
with that reasoning, so off we went to
the orthodontist :)
Here is her happy before picture.
What a cutie. 
This crazy thing they put on her just
gave me the creeps. It looks like some
torture device from the Nazi days.
It didn't seem to faze her. Still got 
those happy eyes.
The beginning of the finished results.
She only got the top row done for now-
who knew she has a severe overbite
and can't get the bottom row on until that
has been fixed! I guess she really did need
these braces :) She gets to wear them
for a year and a half. She'll be 19 when they
come off.  All the other patients were 12 and
13 year olds, I guess it's better late than never.
Now for a few random Sierra/February shots-
Sierra turned 18 this month.
I'm sure this was her favorite present!
A sock monkey hat from me :)
Sierra and Stevie went to Sweethearts-
Thanks to Sophie and Tommy who set them
up with the dress and tie the night before!

This is a scrub top I made.
It was fun to do. I love time
with my machine :)
Notice her sore mouth now :)
Not so much the teeth as the insides
 of her mouth. Hope she gets 
mouth callouses real soon.
But soon she'll have that 
million dollar smile her sisters have!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wendy Gets Her Craft ON

Lately I've been in a crafty mood.
Luckily, I've had the time (made the time)
to fulfill those crafty feelings.
So I now present to you
my newest attempts of

I can't take all the credit for this beauty-
Scott and Sabrina gave me the
cute miniature quilt hanger.
Sabrina and I saw one at=
Cutest store ever btw.
Anywho- she went home and made them
for Christmas presents. Love it.
I made the primitive Snowman
wall hanging. He's a bit crooked, but I 
have a soft spot in my heart for him. 

 This is my attempt at Valentine decor.
I bought four hideous plaques at DI
and gave those pitiful things
a true purpose in life.
I repainted them, mod podged 
scrapbook paper on them and then 
slapped vinyl letters on.
Much better than the
"kitchen prayer" 
from 1971 which had been on them.
(sorry if I offended any 1971 plaque lovers)
 Now finally for the 
piece de restistance

 I recovered my moms dining room
chairs. This might not seem so
exciting, but for those family
members who remember what
they used to look like-
it's a big deal.
The last fabric had been 
serving us since 1980-
It was labeled, so I have proof.
It's been a soul fulfilling few weeks.
You can applaud now,
as I take a bow.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stew VS Little House

  A recent conversation I had with my darling daughter Kira put me in a thinking mood. I wonder if what TV/movies/video games I raised my kids on has had a vast effect on them? I'm sure it has, but now the question- was it a good or bad effect?  While other homes were watching "Little House on the Prairie" (which we watched too, I LOVE Laura- Lisa looked just like her) anywho- while they watched Little House, we devoured programs such as "The Stand", "It", "Storm of the Century", "The Tommyknockers".  
I love The Stand. I can't explain it. I just do.

It might have something to do with part of it being filmed on little old Main Street in my home town. While filming was going on, I went to the city library and happened to get a glimpse of Mr. Stephen King himself. *shivers going down my back* *good shivers :)*  It might have to do with my Junior high librarian- the sweetest little spinster lady you'd ever meet- introducing me to Mr. King's book Carrie. I just have a weakness for Stephen's (I'm sure he wouldn't mind me calling him that) earlier work. Especially when it's made for TV, so it's not quite so creepy. It's a safe creepy.
I love the good VS evil aspect of the story. I always wonder, which voice would be calling me? To go to Callerado (pronounce the "A" long) or Sin City Vegas? 
I love the music in it- Don't Fear the Reaper, Don't Dream It's Over. I could go on and on. I love it.
     My younger kids were raised on Buffy. Buffy. *sigh* Buffy. I love Buffy too. And Angel. And Spike. Oh my. I loved Vampires before stupid old Twilight came along.

Don't get me wrong. I like Twilight (and Vampire Diaries, yes I DVR it every Thursday night) But they are not Buffy. Trust me. I think I might have harmed a few of the neighborhood kids with my addictions too- I still have one sweet young lady who regularly borrows my Buffy collections.
         I also like me a night of watching my boys play- Resident Evil 
Oh those were the days- of teenage boys screaming like little girls as dogs and "mongees" jumped in through windows at your unprotected Jill. 
   I still get to watch once in awhile.  *sigh* Those are some of my favorite memories :)
So you be my judges- While we watched "Full House" , "Saved By the Bell", "Seinfeld", "Barney", plenty of Shirley Temple, every Disney movie ever made, and tons of musicals (my kids can sing them all for you- "do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men......") Did I mentally harm them? Are they scarred forever? I wonder.....
But somewhere down deep in the darkest corner of my heart- I will always have a special spot for "The Stand" and "Buffy".

So what were you/ are you/ will you raise your kids on?