Friday, February 11, 2011

Wendy Gets Her Craft ON

Lately I've been in a crafty mood.
Luckily, I've had the time (made the time)
to fulfill those crafty feelings.
So I now present to you
my newest attempts of

I can't take all the credit for this beauty-
Scott and Sabrina gave me the
cute miniature quilt hanger.
Sabrina and I saw one at=
Cutest store ever btw.
Anywho- she went home and made them
for Christmas presents. Love it.
I made the primitive Snowman
wall hanging. He's a bit crooked, but I 
have a soft spot in my heart for him. 

 This is my attempt at Valentine decor.
I bought four hideous plaques at DI
and gave those pitiful things
a true purpose in life.
I repainted them, mod podged 
scrapbook paper on them and then 
slapped vinyl letters on.
Much better than the
"kitchen prayer" 
from 1971 which had been on them.
(sorry if I offended any 1971 plaque lovers)
 Now finally for the 
piece de restistance

 I recovered my moms dining room
chairs. This might not seem so
exciting, but for those family
members who remember what
they used to look like-
it's a big deal.
The last fabric had been 
serving us since 1980-
It was labeled, so I have proof.
It's been a soul fulfilling few weeks.
You can applaud now,
as I take a bow.


  1. WELL done, my friend! They are all be-u-ti-ful!!

  2. Woohoo!! Love them all but am extra thankful for the chairs!! Love how the plaques turned out and the cute tea set on top. :)

  3. looks great! now if i could just have time(make the time) to get my craftiness on! (ps i love the color of that light blue wall)

  4. haha it's green :) And the chairs made me say, "Oh my gosh" right out loud. And no ones in the room. That's how pleasantly surprised I was :)