Wednesday, February 29, 2012

11 Random Answers All About Me

My dear friend Shanna at Just So spotlighted my sad little blog on her blogspot. I have been in a major blogging slump lately so I was excited to have a reason to get back into the swing of things! So here goes!

1. Soda or pop?
It was always "pop" as a kid in Utah, ( sometimes even "soda pop" like we couldn't make up our minds) but lately I'm trying to sound more refined and using "soda". I feel much more sophisticated. 
2. What would you consider your best trait?
This is a hard one. I guess my best trait would be *pause as I really try to think of one* staying away from drama. I hate it, so I usually try my very best to stay away from anything or one that brings it with them. I love smooth sailing living~ doesn't happen very often, but why add more frenzy and hysteria to life?
3. What advice would you give yourself at 13?
Hang in there, you will grow out of this goofy looking stage :) and also, junior high school (and high school) gets over and life will be so different. Friends will go away, new ones come on the scene; those who you thought were so cool and needed to be impressed will no longer matter. Don't be a fence sitter- choose a side, a battle and never look back. 
4.Romance, Action, or Mystery/Thriller?
none of the above. Fantasy baby! all the way! Just read a fabulous new book (which our library does not carry :( let's not get on that subject of our sorely lacking library) Peter and Max by Bill Willingham- all about Peter Piper and his brother Max Piper. A great good VS evil book . I LOVED it! - check it out! just not at our local library.
5.Would you rather vacation on the east coast or the west?
I would vacation on Utah lakes' coast just to get outta the house! Who cares! I love seeing new sites and eating new cuisine. Just take me away :)
6. Who is your favorite literary character?
I wish I could say some genteel character from Jane Eyre or one of those dashing English dandies :) But I would probably say Stew from "The Stand" or Scout from "To Kill A Mockingbird". I also love Peter in "The Eyes of the Dragon" . There I said it. I feel better now that it's off my back. 
7. What makes you laugh?
What make me laugh the best belly laugh with tears running down my cheeks or snorting like a pig is when Eddie starts to laugh. Oh man, that's the best. We'll both make each other laugh harder and more violently so my sides hurt when it's finally run it's course. And usually it's over some stupid thing or we are just so tired anything seems funny. :)
8. What would you buy if someone handed you 100 dollars and told you to spend it on yourself?
An iTunes gift card.  I am addicted to that little piece of plastic. I would buy me ebooks to put on my ipad or audio books to listen to while I clean and mow the lawn. Or I would buy what little there is left of the 1970's classics that I don't already enjoy. I heard one the other day and thought "I don't have that song! I need to get it!"   now I wish I had me an iTunes gift card :(
9.What songs speaks to you the most at this moment?
hahaha- sure rub in that I don't have the stupid gift card! The song that speaks to me.....? oh is my ringtone. I love that darn song and love it everytime my phone rings- Crowded House- "Don't Dream It's Over" 
10. Do you have a favorite poem or quote?
Of course I do. Had it for years and used it on my kids. "Now you know, and knowing is half the battle." Thanks to GI Joe, the 1980's cartoon GI Joe. classic
11.When was the last time you cried and why?
I'm not a real big crier. So I really can't remember. But I can tell you the last time Eddie cried was while watching the movie "Facing The Giants". I LOVE watching movies with him because he gets touched by them so easily. Love seeing a man get teary at heart tugging shows. It was also the one of the times we laughed so hard we couldn't breathe for a while. xoxoxoxxo

Thanks Shanna for getting me going again with my blog and for doing some soul searching. You're my hero. Now for my 11 bloggers to spotlight-
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Here are your 11 questions!  
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