Sunday, June 27, 2010

Miss Me - But Let Me Go

This past week a dear sister in my ward passed away.
I've known her since 1970. That's a long time.
She was 90 years old when she died, and when I went to
visit her in the care center 3 weeks ago, she still
knew me. Knew my name. Knew ME.
She was still as sharp as a tack-mentally.
Physically, she wasn't quite as well off.
Her legs quit working for her.
Her 91 year old husband (who also called me
by name the day of the funeral and asked about
my kids and mom- amazing)
He couldn't take care of her at their home anymore.
He was heartbroken, but grateful she wasn't
now held down by earthly pains.
On the back of the program for her
services was the most beautiful poem.
It was written by her daughter
who has lived next door to her parents for years.
This daughter has suffered for years
from ill health too, to the point of almost being bed ridden,
but has never complained.
The daughters husband was the principal at PGJHS
a few years ago and past bishop of our ward.
A great family.
This poem touched me-
to know the circumstances behind the poem
makes me love it all the more.

Miss Me- But Let Me Go

When I come to the end of the road
And the Sun has set for me
I want no rites in a gloom filled room
Why cry for a soul set free,

Miss me a Little - But not too long
And not with your head bowed low
Remember the love that we once shared
Miss Me - But Let Me Go

For this is a journey that we all must take
And each must go alone
It is all part of the Master's Plan
A step on the road to Home.

When you are lonely and sick at heart
Go to the friends we know
And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds
Miss Me - But Let Me Go

In Loving Memory
Maxine Robinson Fugal

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day and Birthdays

Sunday we celebrated!
We celebrated that summer is finally here-
to stay I hope.
We celebrated Father's Day
Dave and Eddie grilled hamburgers, brats,
and trout on the bar-b-quer for us.
That's what dads do.
Women are not allowed to touch the grill.
(Notice the GREEN grass in the background:)
We celebrated Sarai's birthday.
I don't have a picture of Sarai-
(somebody has got to tell me how I
can post more than just 5 pictures in one post.
I know it can be done, I've seen your
posts out there- please share your secret with me)
So I post the next best thing to Sarai-
Time goes by too fast.
Look how big she is.
We celebrated family.
I'm sorry if you are not a part of our family-
you are definitely missing out.
But you can become a honorary member pretty darn easy.
And I'm sorry if you are a member of our family.
We are just not normal.
What is Tommy doing to Brad anyway?
And can Brad never just "look like a normal boy?"
We celebrated Tommy and Eddie's birthdays too.
Someday I'll post us singing happy birthday.
Poor Olivia's ears had to be covered,
but she still whimpered through the
whole song.
Finally we celebrated when everybody went home.
Sunday's are the best,
but I'm sure glad they only come once a week.
We missed you. xoxoxo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Think I'm Finally Over It.....Thanks Lisa

I love that my girls are going through what I went through as a young mom :) It's not a "I hope you have kids just like you someday" kind of thing. It's a "Oh, I'm not alone in the world" and "I wasn't such a weird, wimpy, complaining for nothing mom" kind of a feeling. Lisa's last post made me feel awesome! I know she is going through a hard, frustrating time, and I'm sorry for that. But at the same time, it's exactly the feeling I had for so many years. It validates my feelings. Sorry Lisa- but thank you for expressing my feelings so well and for having them in the first place! You're a chip off the old block! ( It makes me want to laugh hysterically - hahahahahahaha- I feel better now. Too many long years of built up emotions. ahhhhhhhh)

to read Lisa's blog for yourself-

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Your Opinion is Needed- I Can Take The Truth

Being back in RS is killing me.
I am over the" no longer known as Enrichment Nights",
now known as RS Activities.
We have been counselled to have more
"meaty" offerings for the sisters to attend.
No more fluffy, froo froo projects to
distract from the important lessons
that are needed to be learned to prepare
us for that which to come.
Hence, the killing me part.
I am in full agreement that we need to be
well informed, to be preparing for that rainy
day which is coming (or already here?)
But I am getting a little bit depressed
with the constant state of gloom and
despair which I feel like is bombarding
me from all sides. Ever turn on the radio or TV?
So I tried to get our Bishop to okay a
crafty project for next months activity :)
I am pitched the idea of-
(in no particular order)
-sisters need to express creativity
- productive way to spend our time
- inexpensive Christmas gift
- help build self worth
- way to beautify our homes
etc. etc. etc.
We will also be learning about
Natural Remedies found in our kitchens
and have a Humanitarian Quilt on too.
Well, he bought it!
I am so excited. These WERE our ideas.
Hand embroidered wall hangings or shelf sitters
which you change out for each month.
Done on tea dyed muslin.
And Chalked for the color
(I know, it's brilliant!)
The next 2 pictures are from a pattern
a sister in the ward has.
Way cute, but a bit expensive.
The cost is about 4 dollars.
With the new directive to have activities
be either free or minimal cost.
I came up with a smaller version-
this fits a 5x7 frame. The cost
will be 1 dollar (no frame included)
So here is where I need your opinion-
would you be interested in doing this
if your ward was offering it?
This pattern can be done in one evening.
This one takes longer.
Oops, it's sideways :) just tilt your head a little.
Think of the possibilities you could do
if you learned how to make these.
Find a image online or in a coloring book,
or draw them, like I did.
You could custom make ones for friends who
like chickens or apples or whatever-
Do a family name.
I need input.
Tell me the truth,
I can handle it.
Even if it's a "yes, I'd do it."
Or a "heck no".
It doesn't need to be long and descriptive,
though I would love to know why.
thanks for your help!
PS- The marching band is going up our
road, practicing! So exciting-
they've got a big band this year and
sound great! Yea for Strawberry Days!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

-------------------It's a Miracle-----------------------

I know you won't believe this,
because I can hardly believe it myself-
ta da!
We have GRASS!!
Little baby grass in the front yard.
Ok, so right now, it looks more like the yard is
covered with moss
But, it won't be too long before we can mow it!
I am elated at the thoughts of mowing-
that's what 2 years of dirt will do for you.
It's so very exciting
and quite pretty :)
As you can see, the weeds are coming up with
the itty-bitty grass, but
Eddie tells me the "grass will
choke them out."
He should know, he's the pro.
We are finding out through this new grass phase
that our front yard must be the night highway
for all the local dogs and deer.
Every morning when we wake up
there are new footprints in the dirt.
Our dog Remy, must be awfully popular-
the trail leads right back to her dog run.
It's quite depressing to see the struggling
grass get violated like this.
The picture doesn't do justice to this trail-
there is a major thoroughfare in front of the little tree.
I did get fairies to try to scare the dogs away
or to just look darn cute in my flowers.
I think she does a great job on the cuteness part.
Fairy #2
See my feet behind her as I hung off the porch
trying to take this picture? :)
I'm sure that was quite a site in itself.
Now that we are getting grass,
maybe my grandkids can come and play.
It won't be as fun as all the dirt,
but it will be cleaner :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome the Newest Members of Our Family :)

We have lots of new babies in our family-
some of them I never thought I'd see
really come to be.
(that's a not intended rhyme:)
Sierra and Stevie are the lucky new guardians.
These are Stevie's babies-
Gelga and Princess Peach
He named them himself :)
Stevie has purchased a harness so he can
walk these guys around the neighborhood :)
He says they'll be better tasting when they are in shape.
Let's not think about that now.
See how cute they are.
This is Pepper, one of Stevie's family horses.
Not a baby at all-
but a cousin to Gelga and Princess P,
so worthy of posting.
Sierra loves this horse.
Another cuz.
Poor thing has no name,
so we will call her, "Palomino"
This the newest baby on our family tree.
A really not so lambish ewe
Sierra named Kevin.
I guess I need to watch the movie "UP"
to understand her name.
I kind of think she has creepy eyes.
Sierra loves her and walks her on a lead
everyday. Kevin lives at the HS in the AG lab
with 3 other sheep. They are all FFA
projects which will be sold at auction
at the state fair.
Here is Kevin again with her roommate "June".
I think they like getting their pictures taken,
she how the pose for the camera?
I hope when it comes time to do with
these babies what they were destined for,
their guardians can go through with it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I heart Yoga

This is my hero.
She is Priscilla Patrick
She has a yoga class on KUEN Channel 9
She started doing yoga in 1970
She must be in her 60's
I love her
I want to be just like her when I grow up
Just wanted to let you know-
I love yoga.

Tree pose is one of my favorites
You should see Eddie do it.
He is really getting the hang of it.
We get up Tuesdays and Thursdays
and do yoga together.

so romantic

It makes me feel



Bendy Wendy

I love it.

Try it, you'll like it.

PS- I am running again.
I don't have a partner :(
Just me and my i-pod.
Today it was
C.S. Lewis'
The Magician's Nephew.
Still not as good as my old running partners.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Places of Interest in Good Ole PG!?

Sierra and I had a day to ourselves last week to explore our fair city. We headed to Main Street to check out a few of the new shops that have opened up in the older buildings of the downtown area. She had noticed a store with window displays of cute dresses, shoes and bags hanging down with fashionable lights hanging betwixt and between, and she wanted to investigate. I was fascinated too, I'm easily allured by bright lights and shiny things :) Into the building we ventured, into a small, crowded room (that once was a bank- so legend goes) and into the place of "if you have to ask what price it is, you can't afford it" land. Many of the "Orange County", "90210" dresses had prices on them, so I knew I couldn't afford those, but lots were clearly priceless. These were fancy affair dresses for Proms, I imagine. They were short, strapless, taffeta, hot lime green, pinks, deep purple crazy things. Sierra scanned them, touched one or two and was on her way. (yeah, you go Sierra- words were dancing in my head). We did see a Prom picture of 3 couples who I guess were wearing dresses bought at the store, at the bottom it said "Lone Peak Junior Prom". Oh. That explained a lot. Our visit was a short one.
We next crossed the street, went into the antique store. Looked at the walls lined with empty antique? bottles. Saw a few antique? books. Found an antique? necklace Sierra liked and purchased for 4 bucks. And left there quickly too. Moral of that store? I must be an antique because I owned some of the books that were there, and still use bottles like she sold to put my jam in :(
Off again. Two new store awaited us. One is another boutique, which was eerily similar to the first store. Oddly, it's clientele were also from the Lone Peak area- info gathered from a not so subtle conversation between shop owner and patron. A little bit pricey shop. We did get a kick out of fabric headbands being sold there. We just learned how to make the exact headbands at RS out of scraps of fabric. They were being sold there for 18 bucks. Sierra now really likes the ones we made. :)
The last store has a new sign in front which drew my attention, "Gypsy Wagon". It sounded quaint and fun. As we walked in the front door, weird vibes start attacking. There were amulets hanging, semi precious stones galore, belly dancing outfits (which I'm not sure what they have to do with anything:), and then it hits me. Wiccan. Books on the Wiccan, how to build an altar, stuff to supply your altar building experience, and basically your all around witchy needs store. I was flabbergasted! In my little tiny town that can't even get it's own WalMart, we have a Wiccan store. And it was a goose bumpy giving place. The Beatles were playing on a boom box in the corner (right under the "altar building advice" section) so that was nice. Sierra, who was brought up on Buffy was fascinated. "I thought the store on Buffy was full of made up stuff. I didn't know you could really get that stuff. Does it have real power?" So off we go on yes, it has real power, but who does the power come from? So thank you scary witch store for a teaching moment. :)
Too bad the Tattoo parlor is gone.
Did you know that PG has the newest, biggest liquor store in the state now? Interesting.