Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Places of Interest in Good Ole PG!?

Sierra and I had a day to ourselves last week to explore our fair city. We headed to Main Street to check out a few of the new shops that have opened up in the older buildings of the downtown area. She had noticed a store with window displays of cute dresses, shoes and bags hanging down with fashionable lights hanging betwixt and between, and she wanted to investigate. I was fascinated too, I'm easily allured by bright lights and shiny things :) Into the building we ventured, into a small, crowded room (that once was a bank- so legend goes) and into the place of "if you have to ask what price it is, you can't afford it" land. Many of the "Orange County", "90210" dresses had prices on them, so I knew I couldn't afford those, but lots were clearly priceless. These were fancy affair dresses for Proms, I imagine. They were short, strapless, taffeta, hot lime green, pinks, deep purple crazy things. Sierra scanned them, touched one or two and was on her way. (yeah, you go Sierra- words were dancing in my head). We did see a Prom picture of 3 couples who I guess were wearing dresses bought at the store, at the bottom it said "Lone Peak Junior Prom". Oh. That explained a lot. Our visit was a short one.
We next crossed the street, went into the antique store. Looked at the walls lined with empty antique? bottles. Saw a few antique? books. Found an antique? necklace Sierra liked and purchased for 4 bucks. And left there quickly too. Moral of that store? I must be an antique because I owned some of the books that were there, and still use bottles like she sold to put my jam in :(
Off again. Two new store awaited us. One is another boutique, which was eerily similar to the first store. Oddly, it's clientele were also from the Lone Peak area- info gathered from a not so subtle conversation between shop owner and patron. A little bit pricey shop. We did get a kick out of fabric headbands being sold there. We just learned how to make the exact headbands at RS out of scraps of fabric. They were being sold there for 18 bucks. Sierra now really likes the ones we made. :)
The last store has a new sign in front which drew my attention, "Gypsy Wagon". It sounded quaint and fun. As we walked in the front door, weird vibes start attacking. There were amulets hanging, semi precious stones galore, belly dancing outfits (which I'm not sure what they have to do with anything:), and then it hits me. Wiccan. Books on the Wiccan, how to build an altar, stuff to supply your altar building experience, and basically your all around witchy needs store. I was flabbergasted! In my little tiny town that can't even get it's own WalMart, we have a Wiccan store. And it was a goose bumpy giving place. The Beatles were playing on a boom box in the corner (right under the "altar building advice" section) so that was nice. Sierra, who was brought up on Buffy was fascinated. "I thought the store on Buffy was full of made up stuff. I didn't know you could really get that stuff. Does it have real power?" So off we go on yes, it has real power, but who does the power come from? So thank you scary witch store for a teaching moment. :)
Too bad the Tattoo parlor is gone.
Did you know that PG has the newest, biggest liquor store in the state now? Interesting.


  1. Wow, Wendy. Thanks for the tour guide/safety lesson. I had wondered abou tthat little gypsy place, but haven't ventured. Guess I am glad I never got around to it. And since the little dress place is out of my league, I can avoid that one too. I already feel better about our little downtown area. Makes me happy that the doggie day care and pet spa moved in, doens't it?

  2. sweet! So much to do when I come to visit!! We went into one (actually I think they had several) of those wicca stores in Moab. They are pretty creepy. And so are the people who run them. But I didn't want to offend them for fear I would be turned into a toad or have diaria for a week or something. :)