Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome the Newest Members of Our Family :)

We have lots of new babies in our family-
some of them I never thought I'd see
really come to be.
(that's a not intended rhyme:)
Sierra and Stevie are the lucky new guardians.
These are Stevie's babies-
Gelga and Princess Peach
He named them himself :)
Stevie has purchased a harness so he can
walk these guys around the neighborhood :)
He says they'll be better tasting when they are in shape.
Let's not think about that now.
See how cute they are.
This is Pepper, one of Stevie's family horses.
Not a baby at all-
but a cousin to Gelga and Princess P,
so worthy of posting.
Sierra loves this horse.
Another cuz.
Poor thing has no name,
so we will call her, "Palomino"
This the newest baby on our family tree.
A really not so lambish ewe
Sierra named Kevin.
I guess I need to watch the movie "UP"
to understand her name.
I kind of think she has creepy eyes.
Sierra loves her and walks her on a lead
everyday. Kevin lives at the HS in the AG lab
with 3 other sheep. They are all FFA
projects which will be sold at auction
at the state fair.
Here is Kevin again with her roommate "June".
I think they like getting their pictures taken,
she how the pose for the camera?
I hope when it comes time to do with
these babies what they were destined for,
their guardians can go through with it.


  1. Awesome!! Welcome to the fam!! I guess its time for a new family picture!?

  2. You are such a good sport, Wendy! I take it no one has yet to call you the Animal-Grandma!

  3. Didn't even see this post. So cute piggies!! I definitely won't think about it. Congrats Sierra! Congrats Stevie!

  4. P.S. I took the family photo for my blog. :)