Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

I can't believe it's Halloween time ( and past )
Where did the summer go?
Thought I'd post what Halloween is like around our house~
Here we have our carved pumpkins~
They look better in the dark.
Yes, that's the John Deere logos and
Conan's logo.
Normal Jack-O-Lantern designs :)

These are the two crazies that carved the pumpkins~
a ditzy zombie

and Rex Kwan Do

We had the cutest fisherman come to visit
(his grandpa LOVED his costume~
a future fishing buddy)
and no that's not Tommy's costume, just
his everyday clothes :)
We had Belle come a calling.
What a cutie~ she loved being
all princessed up
We had Shaggy, Daphne and a 
frustrated sugared up dragon drop by.
I think Halloween is hard on us younger and 
older trick or treaters. Too much of a good 
thing you know.
I had to add this awesome group that showed 
up at our door! What dedication Bert and Ernie
showed ~ both shaved their heads for this night.
And crafty mom made their stripped shirts
with duct tape :) The Pepsi can, Tinkerbell,
and Draco Malfoy were too cute also.
Gram had to get into the spirit of the evening!
She let her facial hair grow out and came
as the bearded lady!
(Don't tell her, but I think she might be
related to Hagrid some where back in
the family line)
I stole this picture from Lisa~ 
just to show you how we answered every 
knock on the door~
running Gram in the wheelchair with
the candy to yell 
If you missed our house on your
trick or treating rounds~
hopefully next year you'll 
come join in the fun

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mary Poppins

Disclaimer- this post has Mary Poppins spoilers in it- so if you don't want to know anything about the play- I'd leave :)

   Last night I had an unexpected treat! My dear DIL Sophie took me to see the Broadway production of Mary Poppins at the Capital Theater in Salt Lake City. I am still in shock that I got to go :)  It was fabulous! (I heard that word thrown around a lot last night  :)  But it is oh so true)

    The story line is a bit different than the traditional Disney movie Mary Poppins, and I really loved this story more. Disney produces the play so it still has all the Disney magic (if not more) than the movie, but goes into greater depth on the characters, especially George and Winifred Banks. I came away loving those two, when in the movie, I really have no feeling at all for them. In this story, the whole point is to get the Banks family closer together and have the parents be the parents, not the nannies.
    The sets were amazing- moving all over the place and opening up to reveal rooms you'd never believe were there. And the costumes were spot on to what we've come to love about Mary Poppins.  Depending on the

  scene, they were muted, drab or they could be bold and bright. The music was phenomenal! Most of my favorites were there- I will never listen to "Feed The Birds" the same again- breathtaking. And the dancing- what other words are left to express "really good"? :) because I'd use it here.

The chimney sweeps dancing to "Step In Time" was my favorite. Think of chimney sweeps in tap shoes- and a dancing AROUND the front of the stage Bert and you'll understand. (Around as in around all 4 sides of the stage opening- up one side- upside down - and down the other side. CRAZY)
    I had a hard time sleeping when I got home. All night I had the song "Just a Spoon Full of Sugar" going through my brain! I think I had visual and audio overload :) I am so glad I got to go, my only regret is that I didn't buy Sophie one of these :(

  I could just kick myself. Sorry Sophie, but thank you so much for the opportunity to go!!!!! And by the way- did I tell you it was FABULOUS?!?!?!  xoxoxoxoxxo

Monday, June 27, 2011

Strawberry Days and Reunions (finally)

I don't want to hear about it-
how I'm so slow in getting
Strawberry Days stuff posted.
I realize I'm the last one to get this done,
but I've been busy- really :)
Every year our family sits in the same
place to watch the Strawberry Days
parade ~ the one SD event I never miss.
I'm not so good anymore with the carnival
or rodeo- can you imagine dragging
Gram around those places?
SD festivities for Eddie and Wendy
amount to getting up early (or going
at midnight) to set up chairs to 
mark our spot. We sit right in front of the 
antique store on Main. Next door is the
printing shop~ look! Sophie and Tommy's
announcement was on the front window!
 I set up 3 nasty old chairs and six nice
newer green chairs- when we arrived, two
nice chairs were missing! Amazingly enough,
on the corner were two chairs just like mine
but on the back in big black sharpie marker
was written "GRANDPA'S SO-IN-SO'S CHAIR"
and "GRANDMA'S......" on the other. 
What a coincidence! 
The people who had them were too
creepy to approach, and I really couldn't
prove they were mine or theirs, so
what the heck. I hope they enjoy them chairs :)
Gracie and Andy started the day
out right with the world's biggest donuts!
Gracie admitted to me later
that she had a tummy ache :)
Livvy enjoyed from her stroller
Grammy had a blast! 
Watch for her in some of the next pictures~
she waved to everyone in the parade and
clapped and cried some.
A successful parade for her :)

We sat by the Naugles' and extended family.
Lance and Amber and their cute kids.

Chantal, Andrew and Pep ~sorry I didn't get AnDee :(
and I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of Andrew
doing some awesome ninja moves
when the Karate school kids went by.
He demo'ed how good he was.
Made me laugh pretty darn hard :D

Sierra and Stevie looking all
Brad, Ash and Mags sitting
in anticipation
watching for the horribly
noisy fire engines
(possibly my least favorite part :)

Tommy and Sophie ~
so cute 
(notice gram in the background :)

Lisa and Josh made it! 

possibly the best picture ever taken.
Andy looking a little Nacho Libre to me.
Bank of AF handed out these
pansy masks to the kids ~
Andy managed to get everything
possible that was handed out.

Brad and Will

Mags had a fireman from the Firehouse Carwash
come all the way through the crowd to give him
this super cool fire chief hat!

and a tattoo
(which was still on his arm as
of Saturday when I watched him :)
he loved it.

It was a great day, even with the great chair
heist :) We, along with half of the city
ate at Taco Amigo and felt very
community involved :D

Last Saturday my aunt Faye had a party
to celebrate her 90th birthday.
It was pretty neat that all my mom's surviving
siblings and most of their spouses could be there.
We took tons of pictures of them 
and ate good food.
In this picture is-
back row- Uncle Lynn (NaDeans husband), mom,
Aunt NaDean, Uncle Eldon, Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Neil
Front row- Aunt Vera (who is also 90) and the 
birthday girl herself- Aunt Faye.

Happy summer you all! It feels like it's finally here!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Potpourri for 200 dollars, Alex :)

For you younger than 50ish- the title is a reference from Jeopardy 
So be prepared for a little bit of everything :D
I decided to post a few pictures that I have 
taken lately and a few that I've found on 
some dusty old slides from the early 70's.
You're in for a treat now :)
My niece Sarai has started decorating cakes-
When ever we have a get together
she volunteers to bring dessert, which is
okay by me :)
This is the Mother's Day cake she made.
Not only is it beautiful, with it's magnolia
on the top, but it was chocolate/cherry cake.
It was divine.
When Kira comes in July, we are having
a cake making play date- so book
early, it's gonna fill up fast :)

These next two pictures just make me smile.
The many faces of Mags.

I just liked them.

This past month was Prom-
So now a few of Sierra's prom pictures.
She bought this dress on line,
we just had to add the top underneath
so it was wearable. 
(Where are all the modest designers nowadays?
I realize Alyce's in the mall has some, but 
they charge over 400 bucks for them.
Someone could make a killing in this area
if they'd offer affordable, decent dresses!

I'm done now)

It took a second to get her into the thing
with all that lacing up the back!
She had to have me help her get it off 
when she came home that night. hehehe
Made me feel a bit safer sending her out in it :D

 She loved how poofy it was.
and her silvery "Tom" shoes.
Pam and Stephen took the dress to 
the tux place to get just the right color to 
match. makes me giggle- what a big
deal was made over it all :D
A BIG shout out to Shauna for getting this boy's
act together! thanks again! xoxoxo hugs to you. 

Get ready for some crazy
blast from the past pictures!
In March 1973- just a few months
after my brothers passed away, my
parents took me on a "let's be happy 
and function like a family again" trip to 
SoCal. It worked for me.
We went with my cousins- stayed in campgrounds
 and had a wonderful time. 
My mom was a trooper.
but her hair makes me laugh
real hard! When Sierra saw this picture
she said, "Grandma used to have eyebrows?!"
ha ha ha
You bet she did.

See me talking to my mom?
See my shirt? I LOVED that shirt. :)
I forgot I even had it until I saw these slides.
I had so much fun going through them!

In the red is my aunt Colleen Davis.
Look close at the food on the table-
who would travel with bottled goods now?
Me and my cousin Christine
in front of the St. George temple.
What a looker I was, hubba, hubba.
I was in 9th grade people. Don't forget this
when you start judging :)
  I also found pictures
 of my brother Randy from his mission
to Chihuahua Mexico.
This is him and his last comp on
a big old pile of cotton.
 Just a weird side note- these two were
killed when driving in a datsun pickup
by a cotton truck. It was a little freaky
to find pictures of them and cotton
and even a big cotton truck
in the slides. 
 This last slide he had labeled "Sunday 
Dude". What a corn ball! 
But I love this picture.
Now wasn't that fun?
It sure was for me.
Except now I have that dumb Jeopardy
song stuck in my head....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter and Birthdays

Let me start off with saying-
Church was a wonderful way to start the day.
Sacrament meeting was spiritual,
RS and Sunday School were both extraordinarily good.
I am truly thankful for my Savior and the sacrifice He made
for me.
Unfortunately Sunday is the only day we can get
together on my side of the family.

 Easter Sunday was a hoot.
We celebrated not only Easter (in the heathenistic way-
eggs hunts, food, and games) we also celebrated
Mallory's 4th birthday and Mag's 3rd birthday.
(It's a good thing we had Eddie say the prayer-
he did a great job and got us thinking
of the true reason for the season.)
We played the "bean game" while we
waited for everyone to arrive.
If you've never played the bean game-
you are missing out! (it's real name is Bohnanza-
even Eddie will play. ) It's so fun.
I don't know why my boys can't look
like normal boys!
Sarai and Livvy

Brian, Jenny and Dave

Will showing his findings

 Birthday girl Mal excited to find some eggs :)

Birthday boy Mags picking out the jelly beans
(I found these later right there on the floor.
Smart boy- only going for the chocolate :)

Gracie- sporting new bangs-
showing off her haul :)
Grace and Andy looking for eggs-
Tommy, Sophie and Sierra did 
a great job hiding them all.
The kids had a blast finding them.

This is the birthday cake that Sarai made for the kids.
It was so darn cute! She even put a little skunk
hiding in the bullrushes on the back in honor of
Grandma Pugh.
Sophie reads Mal her new birthday book.
Over all it was a wonderful day, lots
of good food, good candy (Easter candy is the best!)
and good company. 
We are still finding eggs and candy hidden
in the strangest places- Eddie found one in each
of his dirty socks he left on the floor in the basement
family room :)
I have a video of the "older kids" hunting eggs
 and as soon as I can figure out how
to load it, I will :)