Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter and Birthdays

Let me start off with saying-
Church was a wonderful way to start the day.
Sacrament meeting was spiritual,
RS and Sunday School were both extraordinarily good.
I am truly thankful for my Savior and the sacrifice He made
for me.
Unfortunately Sunday is the only day we can get
together on my side of the family.

 Easter Sunday was a hoot.
We celebrated not only Easter (in the heathenistic way-
eggs hunts, food, and games) we also celebrated
Mallory's 4th birthday and Mag's 3rd birthday.
(It's a good thing we had Eddie say the prayer-
he did a great job and got us thinking
of the true reason for the season.)
We played the "bean game" while we
waited for everyone to arrive.
If you've never played the bean game-
you are missing out! (it's real name is Bohnanza-
even Eddie will play. ) It's so fun.
I don't know why my boys can't look
like normal boys!
Sarai and Livvy

Brian, Jenny and Dave

Will showing his findings

 Birthday girl Mal excited to find some eggs :)

Birthday boy Mags picking out the jelly beans
(I found these later right there on the floor.
Smart boy- only going for the chocolate :)

Gracie- sporting new bangs-
showing off her haul :)
Grace and Andy looking for eggs-
Tommy, Sophie and Sierra did 
a great job hiding them all.
The kids had a blast finding them.

This is the birthday cake that Sarai made for the kids.
It was so darn cute! She even put a little skunk
hiding in the bullrushes on the back in honor of
Grandma Pugh.
Sophie reads Mal her new birthday book.
Over all it was a wonderful day, lots
of good food, good candy (Easter candy is the best!)
and good company. 
We are still finding eggs and candy hidden
in the strangest places- Eddie found one in each
of his dirty socks he left on the floor in the basement
family room :)
I have a video of the "older kids" hunting eggs
 and as soon as I can figure out how
to load it, I will :) 


  1. yay!! That looks so fun!! Thanks for the pictures! And what is this "bean" game? I must play :)

  2. The bean game is super fun. You have to plant and harvest beans to earn money. :) I'm sure we'll play multiple times in July.

    A video? What?? I should have played a little nicer. ;)

  3. That looks like a ton of fun. It's always nice to have family around, especially for holidays. I love that cake! That is so cute! PS, I miss having you as my VT :(