Saturday, April 16, 2011

Word Verification

I want to know whose job it is to
make up those almost real words
 you have to type in to verify yourself
at the end of someones postings.
The words are soooo close to being
a word and yet just off a bit :)
squiffel = part squirrel / part wiffel ball?
naturear = natures hearing device?
mincesco = abbreviation for minced escargo?

crazy :) 
let's start finding a way to use
these words in our everyday vocabulary!
"My irch is tired, I'll think I'll hang out
here and take an irchrest for a bit"
Well, maybe I'll work on this some more :)
Feel free to use any of my words you'd like-
they are all 100% official 
Word Verification words :)


  1. Just had to see what verification word I'd get for my comment! It's the luck of the draw - so exciting :)

  2. At first I thought you were talking crazy talk, but then I realized what you were talking about and I have all sorts of cool ones come up. I cant think of them right now, but every time I get a cool one I think I should comment again and tell them how cool of a word it is. But I don't. 'cause thats crazy talk ;)

  3. Mine was nantedn. Not so cool :(

  4. I just had "peedabo"" I about "peedabo"ed my pants at this one :)