Monday, July 19, 2010

My Dream Furniture :)

I love this video!
Take a minute to watch it
(well, 6 minutes. But it goes by so fast :)
and enjoy the brilliant ideas this man has!
I want my house full of this stuff :)
Enjoy :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I love Shaun the Sheep :)
Thanks Liam, Emma, and Fox
heart, heart, heart

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today's Favorites

I have found some new favorites today-
First is my cell phone.
It no longer looks like this cell phone
because it got dropped one too many times and
now on it's screen is just a green line :(
who knew it would be my favorite
until I couldn't use it?!
I'm feeling a bit anxious about it's death.
What if Sierra sends me a text and I can't get it?
What if Lisa or Kira or mom or Eddie or Tommy or Brad
or whoever else calls me can't get me?
Will they really try the house phone to get
in touch with me?
I don't think that number is on their cell phones
speed dial. :(
Do I dare drive to Provo without my phone?
What happens if I have a flat tire?
Or get lost?
Or bored?
I lost my favorite today. boo hoo.
Wonder what kind of new phone I can get?
Oh the possibilities!
How exciting.
This is also a favorite this time of year.
I don't know why I LOVE reality shows.
It's embarrassing to confess this truth-
but I love them.
I really like the Next Food Network Star.
I love watching them come up with the coolest
food to serve to 100+ people in only 3 hours.
I think it's fascinating :)
I love the program Chopped too.
When they open those picnic baskets
and pull out the most random food items-
for example = for dessert-
cherry tomatoes, silken tofu,
ginger snaps and cocoa nibs.
I love it!
But my biggest embarrassing love is-
This is season 12. I've watched all 12 seasons.
I can't believe I'm confessing this,
but I LOVE it.
I'm not sure why I do-
I think it must be to see how human beings
react in situations out of the norm.
Just like Survivor or Amazing Race-
I put myself in their situation and think
"Oh I know I'd make a total fool of myself,
and humiliate my family." :)
These are my little ways to escape the
real world.
And thank goodness for that :)
Hope you still like me after this confession.
Now- I need a new phone pronto.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Crafters Corner

There is the cutest store in AF.
If you ever need a unique gift
or something to spruce up your house
or yard- This is the place to go!
It's called- Crafters Corner
and it's on State Street just past JCW's.
It's where I purchased my cute
fairy lawn ornaments.
They are having a $25.00
give away this week!
Check out their blog-
I recommend you visit their store-
the prices are awesome!
and my family members from out of town-
when you come visit this summer-
it's one of the places on our must see list :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th at the Clark Family Barbecue
If you didn't get to attend the annual Clark Family 4th of July
barbecue- this post is for you.
But if you did get to be there-
then feel free to add your two cents worth of
stories and highlights of the night :)
So I am going to start my post again with the
real image that should appear at the top
of the page.
2010- Mike's backyard.
Plenty of "cold ones" to go around and tons
of really good food-
potato salad- just like Grandma Clark used to make,
Mike's marinated 1 inch steaks from Golden Corral,
brats and pink frosted triangle donuts.
Bocchi ball and hacky sack.
Kim F. being helpful and asking Grammy-
"Can I get you something to drink?"
Grammy, "Oh, anything wet."
Kim gives her a one eyed, tilted head look,
and Grammy quickly sputtering,
"I mean, well, almost anything wet."
We all get a good laugh at this, Kim almost
got to give her a beer. He would have loved that :)
(me too! she never wants to make up her own mind,
wants someone else to do it. This might have cured her:)
Brandon was there with Nancy and Kim W.
He has officially moved back from Tacoma.
Nancy was in heaven- to have two of her kids
near to her again. She just glowed.
Jeromy and Mike were there. No kids. No women.
Two lonely boys who have nobody.
They work in Rexburg during the week and drive home
each weekend. Some weekends they get their boys.
Dustin and Jenny came with their dog Bella,
which they emphatically exclaim they named
before Twilight became a phenomenon.
Yea, whatever :)
Dustin got accepted to school to become an x-ray tech.
Jenny is having a baby in February.
Never say never.
Travis came with "Jessie"
his date for the night.
No kids. No Wendi.
She had a tatoo of a handgun above
her right bosom.
A handgun.
I had to keep looking to see if it really was a handgun.
A handgun.
She was real good at hacky sack.
Danny and Michelle came with their
three/four kids.
three= theirs
fourth=brothers baby (9 months) who they are guardians of until
brother and girlfriend get their acts together.
possibly another 8 months.
They've had him 3 months now.
Can you imagine having to give that baby back to
potentially unfit parents?
Me either.
They can't even think about that right now.
Danny's youngest son- Ashton
told us all excitedly about how his hamster died
and they had a funeral for it.
They wrapped it in a wash cloth and tied a ribbon
around it and buried it. But first they said
some real nice things about his hamster.
He was thrilled with this impromptu funeral.
Tommy and Sophie spent the day with Sophie's fam.
Brad woke up sick, so he, Ash and Mags didn't come.
Sierra and Stevie came, ate, and listened into
the conversation for a bit. Sierra was dying for
Lisa to come so she could hold Will.
But then they got a better offer of seeing
"Letters to Julia" with Chris and Sydney.
Poor Stevie. First "Eclipse" on Friday, now
"Letters..." on Saturday. I told him, he needed to take
Sierra to a really manly movie soon. "A Team"
"YEA" he says. Sierra gives me the evil eye and they leave.
Then of course Lisa, Josh and kids arrive.
Their kids, Danny's kids and one of Kim F. sisters
grandkids are the only kids there. So weird.
Mallory sees Bella. Freaks. Sits on my lap
for awhile. I convince her that Bella is a nice dog.
She finally agrees to go see the dog if Grandpa will take her.
The other kids are with Bella and petting her,
so it's not long that Mal will pet her- only on the rump.
A one swipe across the rump pet.
Dustin lets Bella loose and Mal is now following her
swipe/petting her rump all over the yard
repeating over and over,
"Bella, Bella,Bella,Bella,Bella,Bella,Bella........"
Soon she is playing with the other kids, chasing
poor Bella and acting like she has loved dogs all her life.
Even after Dustin, Jenny and Bella leaves you'd find
Mallory, "Bella, Bella,Bella,Bella,Bella,Bella,Bella........"
She just liked saying that she told us when we informed
her that Bella had left :)
Soon we are telling stories that I should number
so we could say, "remember story number 22?"
We tell the same stories every time we get together.
"Remember when Kimmie kicked a hole in Marla's
basement wall so she could hide in it when we played
hide and seek? Marla never knew about that hole for
15 years! We always put a dresser in front of it to hide it!"
"Remember when Carolyn ran Eddie down with her bike
and broke his collar bone? We just propped him up
on the couch until Mom and Dad came home from their
vacation a few days later!
She told him to move out of her way!"
Same stories, but we all still laugh at them
and love to hear them over and over.
I look forward to our family 4th of July celebration
every year. I love these people. Some things have
changed so much. It almost hurts to think of those
who are no longer a part of the family.
And yet some things are exactly the same.
I can't wait until the Christmas party!
Don't forget to bring the wooden spoon so we
can break the pinata!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Would You Ask?

A classmate who is now a FB friend of mine asked the question,
"If you could ask God a question, what would it be?".
I replied to her post a very generic,
"I'd ask Him if I did the best I could with what knowledge I had
available to me. If I passed the test."
duh. drool.
sounding oh, so very intelligent.
But her post has made me think two things this morning-
1- How should I have answered?
2- What would I ask God?

1. This particular girl and I were not close in school. At all. In fact
I can not remember even one conversation with her.
Funny how FB and age can make you feel close :)
Realizing you don't have to have a lot in common
with someone to be friendly.
(why didn't I know that in HS? I think I missed
out on a lot of wonderful people)
This girl is/was not a member of my religion-
but she does have a strong belief system.
---> could I have written something that would have been
more "True to the Faith"?
Did I use that moment of opportunity to the fullest?
Now I'll have this to feel guilty about for a while :)

2- I wonder, what would I really ask God if I could?
Is there one question that would be THE defining question?
I can't think of one.
Maybe I'm too daft to come up with the perfect question.
But, I think the reason is=
I talk to God everyday.
I've had hard things happen that others could see as needing
an explanation.
Two brothers passing away so young,
my father dying, leaving my mother alone for 21 years.
Unheard of illnesses affecting my family.
Why I can't get out of some church callings
and having my dream calling of SS Secretary :)
But I've talked to my Father in Heaven and I
feel like He has answered my questions. At least
enough of an answer that I don't worry about them anymore.
I feel satisfied.

So- how would you have answered her postal question?
"If you could ask God a question, what would it be?"