Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Would You Ask?

A classmate who is now a FB friend of mine asked the question,
"If you could ask God a question, what would it be?".
I replied to her post a very generic,
"I'd ask Him if I did the best I could with what knowledge I had
available to me. If I passed the test."
duh. drool.
sounding oh, so very intelligent.
But her post has made me think two things this morning-
1- How should I have answered?
2- What would I ask God?

1. This particular girl and I were not close in school. At all. In fact
I can not remember even one conversation with her.
Funny how FB and age can make you feel close :)
Realizing you don't have to have a lot in common
with someone to be friendly.
(why didn't I know that in HS? I think I missed
out on a lot of wonderful people)
This girl is/was not a member of my religion-
but she does have a strong belief system.
---> could I have written something that would have been
more "True to the Faith"?
Did I use that moment of opportunity to the fullest?
Now I'll have this to feel guilty about for a while :)

2- I wonder, what would I really ask God if I could?
Is there one question that would be THE defining question?
I can't think of one.
Maybe I'm too daft to come up with the perfect question.
But, I think the reason is=
I talk to God everyday.
I've had hard things happen that others could see as needing
an explanation.
Two brothers passing away so young,
my father dying, leaving my mother alone for 21 years.
Unheard of illnesses affecting my family.
Why I can't get out of some church callings
and having my dream calling of SS Secretary :)
But I've talked to my Father in Heaven and I
feel like He has answered my questions. At least
enough of an answer that I don't worry about them anymore.
I feel satisfied.

So- how would you have answered her postal question?
"If you could ask God a question, what would it be?"

1 comment:

  1. Wendy--Your response to the #2 question is perfect...becasue you already do ask Him the questions of your heart. You have enough faith to believe the things He tells you and the hope that He will indeed make things OK in the end.

    As far as missing the opportunity, I'm sure she knows enough to understadn that while your organized religions are different, you both want to do what is right and live what you believe is right. If she is "phishing" for more, she'd probably send you a FB message and ask for more detail...otherwise, you live your faith and share what you feel and the Spirit will touch her that you are being honest with her and sometimes that is enough.

    I think you are marvelous, by the way.