Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today's Favorites

I have found some new favorites today-
First is my cell phone.
It no longer looks like this cell phone
because it got dropped one too many times and
now on it's screen is just a green line :(
who knew it would be my favorite
until I couldn't use it?!
I'm feeling a bit anxious about it's death.
What if Sierra sends me a text and I can't get it?
What if Lisa or Kira or mom or Eddie or Tommy or Brad
or whoever else calls me can't get me?
Will they really try the house phone to get
in touch with me?
I don't think that number is on their cell phones
speed dial. :(
Do I dare drive to Provo without my phone?
What happens if I have a flat tire?
Or get lost?
Or bored?
I lost my favorite today. boo hoo.
Wonder what kind of new phone I can get?
Oh the possibilities!
How exciting.
This is also a favorite this time of year.
I don't know why I LOVE reality shows.
It's embarrassing to confess this truth-
but I love them.
I really like the Next Food Network Star.
I love watching them come up with the coolest
food to serve to 100+ people in only 3 hours.
I think it's fascinating :)
I love the program Chopped too.
When they open those picnic baskets
and pull out the most random food items-
for example = for dessert-
cherry tomatoes, silken tofu,
ginger snaps and cocoa nibs.
I love it!
But my biggest embarrassing love is-
This is season 12. I've watched all 12 seasons.
I can't believe I'm confessing this,
but I LOVE it.
I'm not sure why I do-
I think it must be to see how human beings
react in situations out of the norm.
Just like Survivor or Amazing Race-
I put myself in their situation and think
"Oh I know I'd make a total fool of myself,
and humiliate my family." :)
These are my little ways to escape the
real world.
And thank goodness for that :)
Hope you still like me after this confession.
Now- I need a new phone pronto.


  1. Oh! So that's why you never answer. You have a home phone? I need to get that number. I'm just joking!! I Would call the house! Crazy! I have it on the speed dial before your cell phone.
    I haven't been able to see any of the food network star ones! I'm extra bummed! I can bravo, VH1, and CMT, but no food network?! I think the cable company is ripping me off...:D LOL!!

  2. Ah-ha! I just found design star!! They have 3 episodes on there!! I bet you can't guess what I'll be watching tonight!! :)