Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Never Too Late To Tell On Your Kids!

I think it is so much fun to read what everybody writes
about what their kids are saying! Just because my kids are old
and grown up doesn't mean I can't tell you what they did say 
when they were little! 
I know they will love that I am telling all this stuff, but some
day your kids will be mad at you too for spilling the beans!
One day when Lisa was about 7 or 8, she came downstairs 
from her bedroom quite upset because she couldn't find her
"diarrhea book". Of course she meant diary, but we had
a great laugh and she got mad at us for laughing. But come on, 
who wouldn't laugh at that? It was so cute.
Kira wanted to take a bath when she was about 6. It was
during the summer and she didn't want the water to be too hot-
she asked me if I would make the water "Jacob cool"
instead of "Luke warm". heehee.
That's cute too :)
Sierra went through a weird duck stage
where she would dress up in some dress up clothes
I made for the Strawberry Days Parade. They 
were "Aladdin" harem girl type clothes.
She would sneak around the house, crawling
in them and announce, "I'm a shy gypsy!"
what a goofy kid, but it sure made us laugh.
Kids do the darnedest things!
Good thing us adults are more mature
and in control of our vocabulary!
I'm sure my kids will have a few stories to tell
on their vocab-challenged mom!


  1. Hey, I'm sensitive. :) I still say things wrong all the time. I must have never grown out of it.

  2. I'm sure back in the day, Luke warm and Jacob cool were good friends. Come on! At least I associated it with scripture friends. Why else would I get it all confused. Luke and Jacob, both in the scriptures. :)

  3. i thought for sure you would write about the "icky bob" thing! ha ha