Monday, June 27, 2011

Strawberry Days and Reunions (finally)

I don't want to hear about it-
how I'm so slow in getting
Strawberry Days stuff posted.
I realize I'm the last one to get this done,
but I've been busy- really :)
Every year our family sits in the same
place to watch the Strawberry Days
parade ~ the one SD event I never miss.
I'm not so good anymore with the carnival
or rodeo- can you imagine dragging
Gram around those places?
SD festivities for Eddie and Wendy
amount to getting up early (or going
at midnight) to set up chairs to 
mark our spot. We sit right in front of the 
antique store on Main. Next door is the
printing shop~ look! Sophie and Tommy's
announcement was on the front window!
 I set up 3 nasty old chairs and six nice
newer green chairs- when we arrived, two
nice chairs were missing! Amazingly enough,
on the corner were two chairs just like mine
but on the back in big black sharpie marker
was written "GRANDPA'S SO-IN-SO'S CHAIR"
and "GRANDMA'S......" on the other. 
What a coincidence! 
The people who had them were too
creepy to approach, and I really couldn't
prove they were mine or theirs, so
what the heck. I hope they enjoy them chairs :)
Gracie and Andy started the day
out right with the world's biggest donuts!
Gracie admitted to me later
that she had a tummy ache :)
Livvy enjoyed from her stroller
Grammy had a blast! 
Watch for her in some of the next pictures~
she waved to everyone in the parade and
clapped and cried some.
A successful parade for her :)

We sat by the Naugles' and extended family.
Lance and Amber and their cute kids.

Chantal, Andrew and Pep ~sorry I didn't get AnDee :(
and I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of Andrew
doing some awesome ninja moves
when the Karate school kids went by.
He demo'ed how good he was.
Made me laugh pretty darn hard :D

Sierra and Stevie looking all
Brad, Ash and Mags sitting
in anticipation
watching for the horribly
noisy fire engines
(possibly my least favorite part :)

Tommy and Sophie ~
so cute 
(notice gram in the background :)

Lisa and Josh made it! 

possibly the best picture ever taken.
Andy looking a little Nacho Libre to me.
Bank of AF handed out these
pansy masks to the kids ~
Andy managed to get everything
possible that was handed out.

Brad and Will

Mags had a fireman from the Firehouse Carwash
come all the way through the crowd to give him
this super cool fire chief hat!

and a tattoo
(which was still on his arm as
of Saturday when I watched him :)
he loved it.

It was a great day, even with the great chair
heist :) We, along with half of the city
ate at Taco Amigo and felt very
community involved :D

Last Saturday my aunt Faye had a party
to celebrate her 90th birthday.
It was pretty neat that all my mom's surviving
siblings and most of their spouses could be there.
We took tons of pictures of them 
and ate good food.
In this picture is-
back row- Uncle Lynn (NaDeans husband), mom,
Aunt NaDean, Uncle Eldon, Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Neil
Front row- Aunt Vera (who is also 90) and the 
birthday girl herself- Aunt Faye.

Happy summer you all! It feels like it's finally here!


  1. Thanks for posting such a lovely picture of me???? Yikes.

  2. Yay!! It looks like so much fun!! I love Strawberry days!!