Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Your Opinion is Needed- I Can Take The Truth

Being back in RS is killing me.
I am over the" no longer known as Enrichment Nights",
now known as RS Activities.
We have been counselled to have more
"meaty" offerings for the sisters to attend.
No more fluffy, froo froo projects to
distract from the important lessons
that are needed to be learned to prepare
us for that which to come.
Hence, the killing me part.
I am in full agreement that we need to be
well informed, to be preparing for that rainy
day which is coming (or already here?)
But I am getting a little bit depressed
with the constant state of gloom and
despair which I feel like is bombarding
me from all sides. Ever turn on the radio or TV?
So I tried to get our Bishop to okay a
crafty project for next months activity :)
I am pitched the idea of-
(in no particular order)
-sisters need to express creativity
- productive way to spend our time
- inexpensive Christmas gift
- help build self worth
- way to beautify our homes
etc. etc. etc.
We will also be learning about
Natural Remedies found in our kitchens
and have a Humanitarian Quilt on too.
Well, he bought it!
I am so excited. These WERE our ideas.
Hand embroidered wall hangings or shelf sitters
which you change out for each month.
Done on tea dyed muslin.
And Chalked for the color
(I know, it's brilliant!)
The next 2 pictures are from a pattern
a sister in the ward has.
Way cute, but a bit expensive.
The cost is about 4 dollars.
With the new directive to have activities
be either free or minimal cost.
I came up with a smaller version-
this fits a 5x7 frame. The cost
will be 1 dollar (no frame included)
So here is where I need your opinion-
would you be interested in doing this
if your ward was offering it?
This pattern can be done in one evening.
This one takes longer.
Oops, it's sideways :) just tilt your head a little.
Think of the possibilities you could do
if you learned how to make these.
Find a image online or in a coloring book,
or draw them, like I did.
You could custom make ones for friends who
like chickens or apples or whatever-
Do a family name.
I need input.
Tell me the truth,
I can handle it.
Even if it's a "yes, I'd do it."
Or a "heck no".
It doesn't need to be long and descriptive,
though I would love to know why.
thanks for your help!
PS- The marching band is going up our
road, practicing! So exciting-
they've got a big band this year and
sound great! Yea for Strawberry Days!


  1. I think they are dang cute. My favorites are the long stack of pumpkins and the plain pumpkin. Does the chalk rub off?? I want to make one! I think they'd be dang cute cut out with different fabric on the Cricut and they embroidered around and made into a pillow with the matchy one on the wall...ok, that's a lot more work. I think it's a cute fun project and cheap. I'd go for it.

  2. I'd do it too!! I want to learn how to do it! And I'm jealous of your Strawberry Days band :)

  3. the chalk does not rub off, it is so cool. LOVE it- because you're not using fabric, it works up fast and it's cheaper. The chalk goes forever.