Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stew VS Little House

  A recent conversation I had with my darling daughter Kira put me in a thinking mood. I wonder if what TV/movies/video games I raised my kids on has had a vast effect on them? I'm sure it has, but now the question- was it a good or bad effect?  While other homes were watching "Little House on the Prairie" (which we watched too, I LOVE Laura- Lisa looked just like her) anywho- while they watched Little House, we devoured programs such as "The Stand", "It", "Storm of the Century", "The Tommyknockers".  
I love The Stand. I can't explain it. I just do.

It might have something to do with part of it being filmed on little old Main Street in my home town. While filming was going on, I went to the city library and happened to get a glimpse of Mr. Stephen King himself. *shivers going down my back* *good shivers :)*  It might have to do with my Junior high librarian- the sweetest little spinster lady you'd ever meet- introducing me to Mr. King's book Carrie. I just have a weakness for Stephen's (I'm sure he wouldn't mind me calling him that) earlier work. Especially when it's made for TV, so it's not quite so creepy. It's a safe creepy.
I love the good VS evil aspect of the story. I always wonder, which voice would be calling me? To go to Callerado (pronounce the "A" long) or Sin City Vegas? 
I love the music in it- Don't Fear the Reaper, Don't Dream It's Over. I could go on and on. I love it.
     My younger kids were raised on Buffy. Buffy. *sigh* Buffy. I love Buffy too. And Angel. And Spike. Oh my. I loved Vampires before stupid old Twilight came along.

Don't get me wrong. I like Twilight (and Vampire Diaries, yes I DVR it every Thursday night) But they are not Buffy. Trust me. I think I might have harmed a few of the neighborhood kids with my addictions too- I still have one sweet young lady who regularly borrows my Buffy collections.
         I also like me a night of watching my boys play- Resident Evil 
Oh those were the days- of teenage boys screaming like little girls as dogs and "mongees" jumped in through windows at your unprotected Jill. 
   I still get to watch once in awhile.  *sigh* Those are some of my favorite memories :)
So you be my judges- While we watched "Full House" , "Saved By the Bell", "Seinfeld", "Barney", plenty of Shirley Temple, every Disney movie ever made, and tons of musicals (my kids can sing them all for you- "do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men......") Did I mentally harm them? Are they scarred forever? I wonder.....
But somewhere down deep in the darkest corner of my heart- I will always have a special spot for "The Stand" and "Buffy".

So what were you/ are you/ will you raise your kids on?


  1. oh crap. now i have to confess that i've been watching the x-files with ellie because they're all on netflix right now. she's at the age where she actually watches, too. we're four seasons in.
    i think the theme song is her new favorite song. whenever it comes on she bops.

    i think your children turned out beautifully. gives me hope. ;)

  2. hahahaha Bradie!! We totally watched that one too!! LOL! If I'm damaged I will never know it (except when a storm comes and I have to say things like "a storms a comin' -his storm" and other such wonderful quotes) But I'll tell you, I think Buffy and the Stand taught us more then Dora ever will. Where else would I have learned to spell M-o-o-n? Or exactly what to do to kill a vampire? (stake, holy water, cross, garlic)That's teaching us stuff for real life. All Dora teaches to yell, at least I know that I ever see a crow, it may be the devil in disguise. That's real world stuff. :)

  3. PS, I totally heard crows out side my door today right before the storm really hit!! Creepy hu!? I totally have to watch the Stand now! :)

  4. What is so funny about this is I never, ever would have guessed this about you in a million years. I would have figured you for a Little House and Anne of Green Gables mom all the way.

    This makes me love you even more.

    (Except I really don't like The Storm of the Century. That one just creeps me the H. out and makes me sad. I still have a hard time when people start singing I'm a little teapot.)