Monday, January 31, 2011

My Great White Hunter

A few Saturdays ago,
 Eddie and his bestest buddy
since grade school, Rob went duck hunting.
They've done quite a bit of duck
hunting this year, and thankfully only
bagged one or two a time.
I'm not the biggest fan of "duck".
But, this outing was a little different.
The morning started out foggy-
which forced the birds to fly low.
While waiting for the ducks to appear,
a whole flock of Canadian geese
flew fairly low over their heads.
I guess this is very unusual,
the geese normally stay so high in
the sky that you can't get off a good 
shot at them (so I'm told).
With shaking hands and wobbly guns
Eddie and Rob shot the first 
Canadian geese of their long hunting careers.
As soon as they got home, Eddie ran
into the house and had me take my camera
out to snap a few pictures of them.
They were so excited- retelling the story
of the hunt a few times, getting more
and more animated as they went :)
My mom, on the other hand, wasn't
quite as excited. She served one of her missions
in Canada, and when seeing the geese, shed
a few tears over them. (Which is weird- 
because she is a big hunter herself.
So first thing Monday morning I took
her to get what she calls her "distemper
shot". It helps her emotions even out a bit :)
Now I am not such a fan of hunting.
I do not understand the whole concept of 
the thing. I am grateful for the meat,
which has saved us many a years, and
is dang healthy for you.
But when the sport can make Eddie this giddy
and feel like a kid again-
Hey, I'm all for it! 

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  1. hahahaha!! He's so dang cute!! That's awesome that they got geese!! I wish I would have been there to hear the story! I love it when Dad gets all excited about something! :)