Friday, January 7, 2011

My Girls

This is my blog and I can say what is
on my mind :)
On my mind right now is 
how proud I am of my girls.
(my boys too, but today let's 
discuss the girls)
I just read Lisa's blog-
what a great mom she is.
So tender with her kids.
She has taken the talents she
has been blessed with and magnified
them 100 percent.
Log onto 
to see for yourself.
She can make or do anything
she puts her mind to-
she is fearless.
Kira's blog is amazing too.
She too is a wonderful mother.
She has three little kids,
lives far from home,
and yet makes her home for her
family a bit of heaven.
She has the strongest testimony
of anyone I know-
it's scary how spiritually strong and wise she is.
Sierra doesn't blog, yet,
and she's not a mom yet either,
but she is everything you wish your
 17 year old 
daughter would be.
Did you know she reads 5 pages
of the Book of Mormon every night
with her parents?
She does it because I have a RS challenge
to read the BofMormon before
April 19th and because the Bishop
challenged us to read everyday as a family.
He also challenged us to pray as a family
twice a day.
(we've tried to do this before, off and on as a family,
 but this kid really
So she gets up early to pray and to still
have time to get ready for school.
That is amazing.
She is so obedient.
I am always in awe of my girls
and what they have accomplished with their
lives. How creative they are, what good
cooks and housekeepers they are.
How wonderfully spiritual and temple
attending they are.
They each take their callings
seriously and fulfill them with dedication.
I count my blessings everyday that
Heavenly Father sent me these
sweet spirits who I am so
proud to call my


  1. you do have AMAZING daughters!! and could part of it be that they have an even more AMAZING mother? i think yes.

  2. I second Erynn's comment too. I wish I knew Lisa better--sinc eI adore Kria and Sierra, Lisa would only make the fun a third better. I feel the same way about my kids (most days) and I wonder what ever did I do to deserve them??!! Good job, Momma-Wendy! YOu're raising some pretty great people!

  3. Agreed. Your girls are pretty neat but mostly because they have amazing parents. Fortunately I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time in your home growing up. I like to pretend that some of the Clark greatness rubbed off on me sometimes. Thanks for being a second mom and letting me mostly live with you for a lot of my childhood. I wouldnt be who I am without you. I have so much love and respect for you!

  4. thanks Mama :'). I love you! And believe me, everyone knows where we get it from :) (Except the people who don't know you, but then I tell them :))

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