Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Clothing Declaration

A few days ago I was watching a home
makeover program on HGTV
(my favorite go to channel
when there is nothing on TV).
The expert designer asked the lady
homeowner to go to her closet and
get some of her
clothes so she could 
sneakily view them and get a sense
of the homeowners style. She would
then design that home into a beautiful
custom look that would fit the owner perfectly!
That set my mind to thinking :)
If I were asked to get some of my
clothes, what would my
home makeover turn into?
Right now- my favorite clothes are those
that are cuddly, warm, cozy,
loose fitting, and comforting.
In fact my favorite article
of clothing right now is the ugliest thing
I own. It's a tan wooly-like shirt
with teddy bears on the front my 
mom got me at the Cracker Barrel.
(I hate teddy bears- lol)
It's not quite as ugly as this one- but close :)
you know the one....
So- would my make over be all DI rejected stuff?
A bear den?
Trailer trash decor?
Maybe the expert decorator would
look at my shirt choice and then look
around my house and say, "I think your good!
No need to change a thing!"
On a more serious note-
It did make me really
look at my clothes and think-
What would I take to show this decorator?
I think I own 2, maybe 3 things I LOVE.
And I have a closet full of clothes.
All my married life, I have had to be frugal,
and penny pinch.
So usually my shopping trips have been
at the clearance racks, DI, or
ward clothing swaps.
I'm not complaining- that's how I've
made my money stretch so I could stay home :)
Rarely have I purchased something I LOVE.
It's usually the right price, size, length,
color, it was available, on sale,
or free.
But then I'll get it home, wear it a few times,
and hate it. So I have a closet of
clothes that belong on the "Island of 
Misfit Toys/clothes".
I am probably not even saving money 
at this rate.
So as of this moment-
I declare (with my fist raised to the sky!)
to never buy or take anything I 
don't LOVE again!
I'm sure my kids are thinking to themselves-
that's what you ALWAYS told us when we went school
shopping- if you don't love it, don't buy it.
I guess I've been living a double standard :)
Think I'll have a clothes purging party!
Anybody need some gently used clothes?
 I am keeping my teddy bear shirt- 
it's too stinking cold to be without it.


  1. lol, you did tell us that! I haven't been following it either. I dig a deal.

    I've been trying to do better the past few months. I own one pair of jeans that are my size the I l-o-v-e, some ankle boots I bough a few months ago, and a couple of shirts that I find so-so.

    Most of the time I look at my closet and would like to scrap it and start over. When I do wear one of my favorite it ends up with spit up or slimy hand prints on it. I usual save my favorites to wear on special when I actually leave the house. The rest of the time you can find me in jeans a size of two too big or maybe even my Superman PJ pants. Sad.

    Take Sierra shopping with you. She has great taste...well, don't let her talk you into cowboy boots though. ;)

  2. hahaha!! Who doesn't love teddy bear sweat shirts? LOL! That's awesome! I've had the same problem though. I buy things because they are on sale and kind of fit me. And like Lisa, all my shirts have some sort of stain on them from being a mom (except the ones I keep for when I go out).

    I just figure when Tony comes home and sees me as a slob, it should make him appreciate even more those times when I wear something unstained, or missing holes. :) I believe in you! You can doooo it.

    Look into my eyes. I know you can do it ;)

  3. Didn't know you had a blog. You are one HIP Grandma! Um, who doesn't hate all their clothes, wish they had lots of money to buy new ones...or in my case a few less pounds. :)