Thursday, January 27, 2011

My FFA Adventure

 Just over a week ago Eddie and I set out on a
wonderful adventure to Denver, CO
for a high school FFA trip
- I was scared spitless
and Eddie was, well Eddie, he didn't care.
I imagined a trip from H - E - Double toothpicks.
A 9 hour bus ride with over 50
Thank goodness, I was totally mistaken.
What a great group of kids and what
a luxurious way to travel.
DVD hook ups and I-pods made
travelling light years away from 
back in my day!
The ride was blissful :)
I even got to read a book
Sierra and Stevie sat semi-close to us,
but far enough away that I couldn't slap
them every time they "fell asleep" on each other.
which happened a lot.
Each day we were in Denver our itinerary was
chuck full of "educational" things to see and do.
And we started early every morning and went
until late at night.
The advisors wanted to keep those kids
hoppin' to keep them out of trouble.
I got to take a few pictures before my 
camera battery died on me. :( 
We got to visit the
Here is Summer, Chris (not quite sure what
he is doing to that cowboy poster), Sierra
 and Stevie. It was a fun place to
visit. Thanks to "8 Seconds" I knew
two of the inductees - Lane Frost and Tuff Hedeman.
Eddie enjoyed himself- 
he's an old FFA member at heart.
This is a group shot of the kids from our 
chapter. There was only 12 from our school, 
but we traveled in a caravan of 3 buses with over
140 students total.
In front of the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.
We spent quite a bit of time at the
National Western Stock Show.
Picture in your mind the state fair in a BIG
building with cows and such in the basement
and vendors and freaks on the main floor-
now imagine the smells all mixing together-
that's the NW Stock Show.
We spent a part of 2 days at it.
There was a bright spot-
we found the Roy Rogers and Dale Evan's
nudie car there.
Not sure why it's called nudie,
but we liked it, mostly because of it's
name, so snapped this picture. 
Then my camera died.
We went to the Denver Museum of Natural History
We went to the Denver Mint
We went to two, TWO, 2 rodeos
(we had the option to go to the 
stock show again- we picked the rodeo)
We went to the Denver Bass Pro Shop
We also went to eat at 
which looks awesome
but, wasn't so good.
Especially since this was 
the night before our 
long bus trip home with a ton of
kids (boys) who ate Mexican food.
Over all we had an unexpected mini-vacation
and a wonderful time.
I discovered Sierra has great friends
and teachers. 
I also found out that I still have
the energy to out do the teenagers :)


  1. hooray for FFA! (and very paitient parents). looks like you all had a fun! congrats on surviving the trip!

  2. Oh my Dad is so darn cute!! It looks awesome and I bet you could run circles around those kids!! :) And you tell Sierra and Stevie to stop falling asleep on each other. You should have brought things to throw at them every time they did! :D

  3. Wendy--when I heard you and Eddie were going with the yay-hoos to Denver, I was worried for you both. But I am glad it was a surprise and ended up being fun...that is a memory Sierra will never forget...and Stevie either, if he knows what's good for him. ;)