Thursday, February 24, 2011

Million Dollar Smile

Sierra has wanted braces for as long
as I can remember. The dentist never
said it was a need, so I didn't ever press
for it. Sierra argued that since she was 
going into the dental field, she should
have perfect teeth. She won her dad over
with that reasoning, so off we went to
the orthodontist :)
Here is her happy before picture.
What a cutie. 
This crazy thing they put on her just
gave me the creeps. It looks like some
torture device from the Nazi days.
It didn't seem to faze her. Still got 
those happy eyes.
The beginning of the finished results.
She only got the top row done for now-
who knew she has a severe overbite
and can't get the bottom row on until that
has been fixed! I guess she really did need
these braces :) She gets to wear them
for a year and a half. She'll be 19 when they
come off.  All the other patients were 12 and
13 year olds, I guess it's better late than never.
Now for a few random Sierra/February shots-
Sierra turned 18 this month.
I'm sure this was her favorite present!
A sock monkey hat from me :)
Sierra and Stevie went to Sweethearts-
Thanks to Sophie and Tommy who set them
up with the dress and tie the night before!

This is a scrub top I made.
It was fun to do. I love time
with my machine :)
Notice her sore mouth now :)
Not so much the teeth as the insides
 of her mouth. Hope she gets 
mouth callouses real soon.
But soon she'll have that 
million dollar smile her sisters have!


  1. I didn't know she got braces! What kind of a kid actually asks for braces? What a weirdo ;)
    Yeah... Pam was really happy about how prepared Stevie was for that sweethearts dance. She had no idea they we even going until about 11 o'clock the night before.

  2. seriously, she pulls those braces off well! how is she the prettiest person i've ever seen with braces?!

  3. She looks great!! My mouth kind of hurts looking at it though. And her sock monkey hat is awesome! And she's awesome. And the dress is awesome. And Stevie's awesome. And her parents that are paying for the braces are awesome. And I'm awesome. :)

  4. PS, tell Sierra never to wash the hood of that coat she's wearing. The real fluffy one. Because then it will go all matted and be the saddest day of her life ever...:(

  5. Hurray!! Those things stink but hurray for having perfect teeth. She always looks fabulous. That dress is super cute on her!