Monday, March 7, 2011

Swingin in some Sweaters by guest blogger Sierra

Well hello everyone. This is Sierra. Even though i am going to make my own blog one day my mother has decided that i am going to do this post apparently. Anyways, this Saturday me and Ta'merra went to sweater swing. For our day date we went shooting:) 
This is Stephen with a gun. 
What a handsome boy:)
This is me shooting a clay pigeon. 
Dang i am one good shot!
This is Sawyer (Ta'merras date) looking all spiffy in his shooting shirt.
and this is Ta'merra looking smoking hot.

After our awesome day date we went over to Stephens house where Stevies brother Andrew and SIL Chantal had their new baby goats and let us bottle feed them.
they are soooo cute!

Then we took the boys home so that we could get ready. The theme for sweater swing was "opposites attract" so ill let you look at the picture first so you can guess what opposites we were:
ha ha ha yes we went as city girls and red necks:) my favorite part was that Sawyer had those duck calls around his neck and he would do duck calls at random times during the night. 
then we ate some delicious dinner at my house with our sweet little cooker thing. it was an awesome dance and we had so much fun! 


  1. hahahaha!! I love it! Tony says you blog just like me "what a hansom boy" and then he drooled over the guns. It looks like lots of fun! You should start your own blog. I would read it. And even comment occasionally. :) I guessed hicks and posh as your opposites, close enough :) Okay, that is all!! I heart you! Have a good day :)

  2. Fabulous first post. Looking forward to many more... ;) Looks like a blast. I haven't been shooting in ages. Is that the same food we had at Brad and Ashley's? Drool, drool. So delicious.

  3. ha ha i did start my own blog! and Lisa we had elk and chicken so pretty much the same as brad and ashs.