Friday, March 11, 2011

Typical Sunday

Sunday is the day we get together as a family
on my mom's side. This has happened for years now.
Since my kids have married and left home,
it is an extra special day to me now-
to spend the day with those who can make it over.
This is a typical look of our Sunday-
 a group of us around the table- talking
or playing cards- but always eating.
And  the other group
(mostly the grumpy men)
who want to sleep on Sunday while some
game blares away on the TV.
The kids LOVE Grammy :)
She brought bouncy balls from Disneyland
home with her from her CA trip.
Livvy and Will are excited to have
Grammy throw the balls while they "fetch" them
for her. Livvy can't walk yet, but she could beat
Will to the ball by scooting on her bum across the
floor. I wanted to attach a cleaning cloth to her
rear end so the scooting would have greater
meaning. :)
Did you notice Grammy's toes? She is one
hip, happening Granny! Always got her toes and
nails done. I want to be like her someday!
(just the fancy nails part, not the limpy cane using part)

Had to say that part so the Universe didn't make it ALL come true :)
This is a tradition in my family too.
Weird as it is-
every baby is photographed in
"the lion's head"
It's Livvy's turn.
The Lion's head is the top to a little trash can that belonged
to my little brother Stevie. So it from the late 60's. 
I'm not sure where the tradition came from-
but I know it has to do with Grammy.
(remember Universe- just the nails part :)
It is fun to see the pictures of each kid with
his face poking out of the lion's mouth.
Kind of a rite of passage-
you're in the lion's head, you now belong.

This too is a typical Sunday activity-
how strange can you be- or can you
make everybody laugh hard enough someone
has an "accident".
Tommy found 101 ways to entertain himself with this 
Tinkerbell sucker.
Doesn't take much to keep him happy-
or me either evidently.
I'm a sucker for a goofy boy.
BTW- Sierra has started her own blog-
Check it out. It's pretty fun. 

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  1. MOM! Your hair is so cute!! I love it!! It looks like so much fun! The kids are getting so big! Except that Tom kid, I think he's going the opposite way ;)