Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Few of My Favorites~ Today

Just a short post about a few 
of my favorite things of today.
(sorry to those that I've already 
talked your ear off about them.)

I really, really, really (ok one more)
REALLY liked this book :)
Peter and Max~ a Fable
by Bill Willingham

This is a safe read. Very few
"safer" swear words. 
Is there a safe swear word?
This book is so my style. Fantasy
wrapped up in fairytale and nursery rhyme
characters. If you're into 
"Once Upon A Time"
or action/romance/thriller
this is for you. 

Ready Player One
by Ernest Cline
 I am right in the middle of this
book, but I am totally loving it.
Any one who lived through the 80's
or has a computer/gamer in their home
will enjoy it! 
Sorry to say it has harsher swearing going 
on in it~ the author must think
high schooler boys swear when
they converse with each other.
Just be warned about that. 
This story takes place in 2044
and involves mystery/romance/action
and all the 80's trivia you can handle.
love it so far. (heard this is in the
process of being made a movie.
hope they don't mess it up)

Hello, my name is Wendy.
I am a Pinterest addict.
Well not really.
 But I do love the darn place!
Every recipe I've tried ~so far~
has turned out to be delish!
And I love to see how many people repin
the things that I think are cool :)

so far I've had 73 repins on
this fried pickles recipe :)
Hahaha~ hope they are good!

I really just enjoy pinning
stuff that makes me happy or
looks interesting or delicious or
makes my life simpler.
I used to rip pages out of magazines
and store them in files. 
This is so much easier and neater!
love it too :)

 My iPad
even if it's only an iPad,
and not the iPad 2 I thought it was
(remember I have a pawn shop access)
I love it.
It goes everywhere with me.
It has saved my sanity so
many times as I've spent countless
hours in doctors offices with mom or Eddie.
And the way it's changed my scripture study
is amazing! Each of the sisters in my
RS presidency have something like them now~
you should see us sitting in front
of RS with our little tablets out~
reading the George A. Smith lesson
and finding the scripture asked for faster
than everyone else :)
And did I mention it has all
my iTunes songs on it too?

Well that's enough for the now on
my favorites.
I could have mentioned my kids or their
spouses or my grandkids. or Eddie.
Hopefully they know~ they are
my forever favorites. xoxoxoxo


  1. I noticed all the repins! Love when that happens.

  2. I just started Peter and Max. Didn't get as far as I wanted to before I passed out. Darn sickness :)

  3. I seriously was in shock when I saw all the repins on your pickles! Crazy!!! I also finally found time to answer the random questions. It was fun to do!