Friday, March 16, 2012

The Newest Tradition~ Girls Crafty Day

We have a new "tradition" in my house~
Girls Craft Day..
Once a month the girls of my family
(that live close enough~
sorry Kira :( but in May
we'll have a super duper one
for you!)
anyway we get together and get 
We've held a few now and made
fabric banners with painted lettering.
Fun and easy!
to see more go to Lisa's site~

We've made paper flowers~

Clem Bertaux taught us how to make
these cute flowers!

Clem is awesome~ she's Grams VT partner
and thinks she's a teenager. She's got more
energy than any kid I know! She's in the 
red shirt.
Sarai taught us how to make cake and
cookie pops. Sorry I don't have a picture 
of the finished product~ they were too 
good to last long :) 
We also made candy corn flowers~
Mag's and Mal had as much fun
making them as eating them :)
We used all the crafts that day and
made Valentines with them.
Don't judge my house!
We were crafting. Get your priorities straight 

Our last project were aprons.
Ashley came up with an
original pattern for us
to use. She's pretty darned amazing.
Sarai made one for herself and one for each
girl. So cute and extra useful since her
fabric is vinyl so therefore wipe offable :)
She got her fabric at IKEA, I never would
have thought of shopping there!
Sophie's adorable.
And her apron is too!
Here's Lisa.
Cutie patootie.
Here's the finished products.
So much fun!
(wish I were as photogenic as these
girls are :( oh well, I have sweet spirit.)
The fabric I used was Eddie's Grandmas.
I got a stash of her fabric and love the vintage
look. On the selvage edge was the year
(that's why the close up picture)
It says 1961. I really love that about it!
Don't know if I'll wear it a lot or just display it,
either way they were quick and fun to make!
Can't wait for next month. Not sure
what we're making, but I don't even care;
just so fun to be together.
Guess I better show that Sierra
is usually with us too. She's one
of my girls too *heart heart*


  1. So dang cute! I can't wait until May! We had better make something phenomenal! :)

  2. LOVE your fabric!! I would be scared to cut in to it though. I'm a whimp like that. I'm glad you're brave cause your apron looks fantastic!