Sunday, November 28, 2010

BYU's Museum of Art

I don't know if you are familiar with the name Carl Bloch
He was a 19th century Danish artist who painted
some of the most familiar and beloved artwork
of the Savior that we use in the LDS church.
The paintings that I grew up with in Primary
and seeing on the walls of the ward buildings 
and on the fronts of the Ensign.
I got to see the originals last night.
They are amazing!
And no I didn't travel to Denmark to see them
(I wish I had!!)
They are on display at BYU's
Museum of Art 
now until May 7th.
Even Sierra's favorite one was there.
The tickets are free- as is the parking.
You go online to 
What a wonderful experience it was.
I got 12 tickets and took as many of my family as I could
get to go. They had a wheel chair there that my mom
used. Her good friend Glenda pushed her around and
read every one of the descriptions to her.
You can rent an I-Pad that has all the info about each painting
on them for 3 bucks. 
I am planning on going back, by myself, renting one and spend
the day with my new friend Carl Bloch.
I could sit and analyze them each for a lot longer
time than my dear family had the desire to :)
If you have the time, go.


  1. We are going tomorrow for FHE with my fam. At first I was just going for the free dinner after but now that I read this I'm excited for the art work too!

  2. I want to go see it too, by myself--or with grown-up girlfriends. If you get ready to go again, let me know...I'd love to trip along with you, if you don't mind the company.

  3. i wish we could go see that today!
    we just ordered a bunch of church art and almost all of our favorites are bloch. i'm so sad i'm missing this exhibit.