Monday, November 1, 2010


 A few pictures of the adventures we've had in October!
Some of the girls (and poor Stevie and Will) got to visit 
Gardner's Village. Stevie graciously took our picture :)
We had such a great time, but I will never go on a school
break weekend again, I couldn't believe the crowds.
But the weather was awesome and the company was

I really think the Halloween spooks are playing
games on me with my pictures, so
be patient because they appeared in what
ever order they wanted :) I'm sure
it's not my fault :)
I've been in a crafty mood as of late,
here is one of my latest endeavors-
a flowery shower curtain :)
I had a lot of fun making this happy
shower curtain :)

Randomly enough, now we have our Halloween
celebrating Chicken McNuggets :)
This one's for you Kira, I know it can't be
Halloween without the McNuggets =)
We calculated we've had these babies about
16 years now. I think I started getting them when
Brad was in 10th grade- October 1994.
They really are a part of the family...heart, heart
( I know the nuggets in the back with the marching band
hats on are even older than that. I found them at a DI.
Someday they'll be worth something, *Your inheritance*)
Now by some crazy happenstance-
we have the newly painted front porch.
It's gray as you can see with black, gray, and white
speckles in it. Not so found of the specks, but oh well.
Eddie put sand between coats of paint so we won't slip.
only trouble is, the sand is like sandpaper now, so there
won't be a lot of bare foot walking on this sucker.
It about tears the flesh right off the bottom of your 
feet. Kinda hope it wears off fast :)

Now to the good stuff :)
Here we have Brad, Ash and Mags -
AKA- Han Solo, Princess Leah with Yoda and
Luke Skywalker.
What a hoot!
Mags promptly took out all my McNuggets
 with his light saber!
Protector of the universe :)
Ashley is pretty darn creative and talented.
she made all the outfits.
I wish this could have been my "grand finale"
photo. I LOVE Will as Squirt from
Finding Nemo. 
He's so darn cute.
I also love Lisa and Josh's great grins!
But I love
Little Red Riding Hoods'
face the best of all.
She did not want her picture taken,
or to be dressed up. Someday
this picture can (and probably will)
be used as blackmail. :)
Just take a second and enjoy her face.
It makes me laugh every time I look at this pic.
Lisa and Josh look so calm.
love it.
Now we have Tom and Sophie
Tommy is supposedly :/ a superhero
incognito. whatever. lazy boy :)
Sophie on the other hand is AWESOME
in her Grandpa's WWII sailor uniform.
How cool is that?

She has amazing makeup happening too.
It was great to have them all together for awhile.
Finally, I thought you'd like to see the house
decked out for the season.
I finally made the swaggy banner
things for the front porch.
I like them :)
And the snow?
well, it was a spooky
year this year for Halloween.

Thanks for looking :)
all the Halloween stuff got put away today.
I was a little bit glad to see it go away 
for another year ;)
On to Thanksgiving! 


  1. Looks like it was a good October! I love your swags. Very cute. And snow in October is definitely scary. Your family is so cute!

  2. Love that my soda even made it into the Gardner Village photo. Love your projects...can't wait to do one with you tomorrow.

    Mallory, oh Mallory. She keeps me on my toes. She is really starting to get a great sense of humor. She makes me laugh often. :)

    I don't even have any Thanksgiving decor. Soooo sad.

  3. HAHAHAHA!! That was the best post ever! That Mal chick sure makes me laugh. All the costumes were awesome!! I loved them! I want Ashley to be my personal costume maker. :) I loved your swags and your curtains so cute! The more I live here the more I think, I should have done more crafty stuff with my Ma so that I could know how to do it. But sadly I am figuring it out the hard/fun way :) Thanks for your post and your pictures (especially the chicken nuggets) It makes me feel a little closer to home. :)