Thursday, October 21, 2010

MEN vs WOMEN (warning: crazed woman writing)

Lately, I've wondered more than a few times,
and why did women get the short end of the deal
back in the Garden?
I understand that it is my off balance hormones
speaking, but it doesn't make me any less curious.
Am I the only one who has wondered
why men have it easier in so many areas of life?
Take camping for example-
they have to use the restroom-
so they stand on the opposite side of the truck
and problem solved.
I have to go- bad- and often-
I have to hike a mile away to find a tree
big enough to hide my white behind, take
toilet paper with me, squat and hope something's
not going to bite my back side.
Is this fair?
I think not.
Now let's look at the hairdo issue.
I just cut Eddie's hair the other day-
"how do you want you hair cut?"
"Shave it all off! I don't want to mess with it!"
But then I ask him- "how should I do my hair?"
"Oh I love long hair!! Let it grow!"
How come does he get to shave his off
and I get to have long hair that takes hours to do?
Is this fair?
I think not!!!
Now let's discuss a subject every man HATES to
hear about :)
Why is it every month for the past 40 years
I've had to put up with cramps, bloating, not to
mention a ton of inconvienence, and
what is their equivalent? huh?
Finally, now that I don't have to put up
with that every month junk anymore-
Mother Nature -as a joke now tortures me with
hot flashes!
Eddie freezes at night while I throw the blankets off the
bed before I burst into flames.
How come! What's up with this?
When do things ever get even?
What do men have to go through?
or do?
go to work?
what do I do everyday?
And who birthed all those babies?
I know in the Garden of Eden, Adam was told
"by the sweat of thy brow....."
well, I've had more sweat on my brow (thanks to those
stupid hot flashes) for the last 7 years
than Eddie's had all his working career.
Is this fair?
I guess it is, because that's the way it goes.
When I get to create MY own world-
you better believe
I'm gonna spread the joy-
I'll take the 40 years of bloating-
but the men on my world-
they get the dang hot flashes! :)


  1. So now I'm feeling guilty :) I don't want anyone to think Eddie is an unfeeling caveman. He is blissfully ignorant of my raving tantrum in his manly world of what-to-hunt-next, what's-for-dinner. And if truth be told, last week when I asked him if I should let my hair grow longer, he said he liked it when it was short (which made me say- you think I look ugly with long hair! Poor guy can't ever win :)

  2. Hahaha! It's true. But sometimes I wonder if the mens side of it is that they have to put up with us. Sometimes when I'm having a real rough day I think I'd rather be on my side then his :D hahahaha

  3. I think Josh would say the same thing as Kira. I'm a pain to put up with...of course that's cause I'm stuck at home all day with every aspect of our family life to cook, clean, and take care of and I don't even get paid for it. Then he comes home feeling like he's had a long day and chucks his stuff on the table after I slaved away picking up after the kids for the past couple hours to reassure the house was clean when he came home and now it's a mess again and he's ready for TV and asking what's for dinner while not noticing that I'm ready to pull my hair out. I have a fabulous husband too. I just don't think they get what we do and that we've just put in the same amount (if not more)time of work as they just did in the office.

    I often think I'd rather go back to work...and then I feel awful for thinking that. This motherhood stuff is rough.

  4. haha i LOVE this!! it's just so true!

  5. I wondered all of this (well except the hot flashes but I'm sure those will come) I have to say that I'm grateful for the birth control we chose. It's the Mirena IUD and it's made my monthly time non existent, well except for the stoopid hormonal swings, but everything else I don't have to deal with and it's made my life SO much simpler. Anyway...probably more info than you wanted.

    But one of the first questions I'm asking when I get to the other side is "What up with the hormones?? Why do we need them? Why do the women have to deal with them??" I want answers.