Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Say What???

   Don't tell Sierra I told you this- but sometimes she says the darnedest things and doesn't even realize how silly it is! Last Sunday as we sat around the house after church and lunch, Sierra was thumbing through a catalog we received in the mail. She blurts out, "well that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen!" So I am obliged to ask what she's talking about. "Listen how stupid this is", she says, "it's a picture frame with the words LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT written on it with a picture of a mammogram in it."
    Well my mom and I do a double take at her, and I ask "A picture of what???"   "A mammogram, you know those pictures they take of the baby before their born."
     Oh my goodness, when I could finally catch my breath after laughing so hard and  explained to her that a mammogram is NOT a picture of an unborn baby, but of womanly parts, I thought she would die laughing. I'm glad she can laugh at herself and can handle when we laugh with her. It was a classic "Sierra" moment!


  1. It is just one of many reasons we love her!! Plus the fact that she can laugh at herself when she pulls out a doozey like that! ♥USierra!

  2. How can she not say silly things when she hangs out with Stephen all the time? I can only imagine what their private conversations are like. Besides who wouldn't want to hang a picture of a mammogram in their house? Especially one that says "love at first sight" on the frame? I feel a Christmas gift coming on!

  3. PS. Next spring you guys need to come learn how to be bee keepers! I think we will be getting a couple more hives, Andrew has become a bee keeping addict.