Friday, September 10, 2010

The boat we stayed on might have been a little bit red necked, but we
still had a TON of FUN. Eddie even went down the crazy slapped up
slide quite a few times! Each time you'd reach the bottom, your bottom
would slap the end of the slide, I'm sure it hurt :)
Notice the stack of 2x4's under the end of the slide-
they were used to get the angle of the slide just right :)

We did see some of the most beautiful scenery on God's earth!
And while we were viewing it - in my head is playing "How Great Thou Art"
(seriously, hymns play through my mind the whole time we sight see-
it's just so beautiful.)
But blaring out of the speakers of the boat is that song Brendon Frazier
dances to in Encino Man (? or George of the Jungle?) about
"my monkey don't dance, my monkey don't......."
or we are listening to Metallica-
so I hide in my little hymnal head :)
According to the maps we have of Lake Powell-
up almost every little fingerling of the lake are ruins
and petroglyphs. We only see one set of any of them-
but those we see are fabulous!
I hope to see the DVD in the next life of
the person who drew these pictures-
just to see who it is, what it depicts and why he drew them.

Kim and Marla bought a blow-up drag behind the boat thing from
a guy on he said the tube had never tipped over..... ever.
So our gang had to prove that wrong. Of course we tipped it over
multiple times :) I rode it for a while- I don't think my arms and
shoulders will ever be the same :) Luckily I rode it with small
children on board, so no tipping while I was on it.
This picture is of Eddie and Marla-
they had a heck of a ride and just a few minutes after this
picture was taken, they had a phenomenal tipage :) Marla flew
off first- then Eddie flew! I am surprised something wasn't broken
on either of them! But they both had a blast.
Mike, Jeromy and Travis all rode it at once-
that's a lot of weight!
That sucker bounced so high, it took MY breath away.
They had the worse wipe-out- bumping into each
other while flying through the air and pushing each other down to the
bottom of the lake :) Travis came up hurt, he looked hurt
(and how could he
tell he was hurt after ingesting all that beer?)
It must have been a pretty big booboo :)
This is Eddie's usual pose for my camera :)
Worn out from all the fun :) poor boy.
We had a great time, LOVE my family
and their quirky ways. They are so generous.
fun and crazy!
It made for a memorable, bloggable weekend!
I hope to go again next year!
but, maybe stay in a motel.


  1. The boat-boat looks like alot of fun! I'm a little jealous! :) I'm glad you guys had fun!

  2. That looks like it was quite the vacation!! I love your "Hymnal in your head" that is great.