Friday, September 10, 2010

Lake Powell - Red Neck Style

Over the Labor Day weekend-
Eddie and I got to go to Lake Powell.
Lucky, lucky, lucky, you'd say.
And you'd be right :)
We left early Friday morning- 5 am
(the best time to travel in my opinion)
And headed for the Bullfrog area of Powell.
I've never been to this end of the lake, so I was
pretty stoked!
Just before Hanksville we stopped at a scenic
viewing area. It looks
like a eagle scout project where
the scout put up metal pipes to point out
points of interest. Notice that Eddie is looking at
"Brigham's Butt"
This should have been my first clue to the
tone of the trip.
We went with Kim
(this is him driving his AWESOME boat!
It is yellow, beautiful and fast.
You feel rich just sitting in it.
I loved riding around in it, seeing the sights.
That is Mike in the background.
I love him :)
We also went with Marla-
Kim's wife, Eddie's sister.
Two of the most generous people I know.
This is Marla's favorite seat on the boat-
It is the very back (stern?)
She even sits there when we are going
scary fast across the water.
She is brave.
On the way to Powell,
we had Mike and Jeromy ride with us.
We were to stay with Kim's relatives on a new houseboat
they just purchased. They told us all about this new boat,
it is 54 feet long, can sleep tons of people-
(that's good, cause there is going to be 22 of us)
has a slide, the luxury edition.
We are so excited! The closer to the lake we get, we
start seeing houseboats. We point out one
that we think it's going to look like.
Kinda like this one ------>
What a beauty!
When we get to where our houseboat is docked,
we see our boat.
But let me tell you a little bit more before I
show you it.
Our boat was a floating liquor store.
Eddie and I brought ONE case of water
for the two of us to share.
One lady on the boat had 8 cases of Corona's in a bottle.
one lady.
Oh my,
this makes for exciting nights :)
and afternoons,
and lets admit it-
Even the kids-
a 3 year old, 7 year old,
two 11 year olds,
a 15 year old and a boy 17ish
are drinking what I think is hard core for kids.
a 3 year and coke?
imagine that all day.
a little hyper.
anywho, the unveiling of our houseboat-
This was the "Weekend Locators"
maiden voyage.
Yep, a trailer park trailer that floats :)
complete with the dark wood paneling.
Not quite what we were expecting, but
we had a blast on the darn thing.
Turns out the owners did look at a time share into
the bigger, fancier boat- but wanted something
they could use when they had the time to use it.
Who can blame them.
Sherry- the owner, told me not to take
this picture, she didn't want anybody to know it
was her boat :)
We slept on the top, under the stars-
it was beautiful. Really the best place
on the boat.
(when the holding tanks in the bathroom got full,
inside the cabin was not so fun)


  1. hahaha i love it. great post wendy!

  2. Oh. My. Good. Freaking. Heck!! This is the funniest thing I have ever seen!! It totally looks like it should be on some Saturday Night Live skit!! Holy Smokes!! This is my favorite ever!! I love it!!