Friday, September 24, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday

I'm having a yard sale Saturday.
What started out as a "family thing"
has turned into a "Wendy thing".
Our garage has been FULL of junk
(don't tell mom I said that :)
since we moved into our house, a little
over 1 1/2 years now.
We couldn't take it to DI because
it's all good stuff. (sarcastically said-
don't tell mom again.)
We have to sell it. Get our money's worth
out of it.
The time has never been right for a yard sale,
until now.
I was offered the use of a friends yard who lives
right across the street from Central school-
that is prime property for a sale!
Who could turn that down?
But the day she is having her sale is
Only problem?
Sierra left today to go to Lake Powell
with her "other" family.
(does it seem like she spends a ton of time with them,
or that just me? How serious is she getting?
and am I the only one who's a little bit nervous about it?)
So Sierra's out of the picture.
Eddie has the chukar hunt.
Can't miss the chukar hunt.
One of the stake presidency is going with him,
can't disappoint the stake presidency.
My goodness-
where does our allegences lie?
(I know that's spelled wrong, I'm too lazy to look
it up. you get the picture)
So I seriously haven't been able to sleep
at nights, thinking- "how am I going to be
able to set all that crap up by myself?"
You should see how much stuff there is!
And it's good stuff, let's not forget that.
I am happy about the idea that the garage will
be empty (er).
Just not happy that at one time, I had tons
of offers to help, and now,
better offers (for them) have come up
and I'm stuck :/
Oh well.....
I'm having a yard sale on Saturday!
Some of this good stuff could be yours!
But right at noon- whatever is left is going to DI.


  1. I would help you with your yard sale :( I wish I was there to do it... I'm sure it will be awesome though! :)

  2. I'd help too. Josh is going to the game tomorrow but I could help in the morning if you want.

  3. I saw that yard sale but didn't know it was yours. I sure should have stopped and got some of that good stuff. I also have to tell you I haven't looked at blogs forever and I was laughing so hard reading about your Lake Powell trip.