Monday, May 10, 2010

The day date for prom-
was spent at the new Jack and Jill bowling alley
in Lehi. They played laser tag and bowled. Sierra
was a little bit handicapped at bowling- throwing
6 gutter balls in a row, having a score of "0" in the 3rd frame,
actually throwing the ball into the lane next to her once (the ball
being stuck on her finger and letting go a little bit late:)- she
did get a strike for the girl in that lane, which made the girl happy.
One of the boys in the group got her the "handicap" bowling helper-
the ramp thing that you can aim your ball with. She used it once, then
got her confidence back and ended up with a pretty decent score:)
They ate pizza, bowled and laser tagged all at Jack and Jill's.
This is Sierra ready for the dance- showing off her beautiful new shoes-
she loved them- "they look just like what Lisa would wear!"
It's always awkward putting on the flowers! Sophie
made Stevie's boutonniere (I had to look that up:)
Sierra's wristlet. pretty :)
Stevie's friend Chris's mom made it:)
The final product.
Sierra told me she had the prettiest dress at the prom.
That made it all worthwhile.


  1. Wendy, she did have one of the most beautiful dresses at the prom, and she looked just radiant in it! I am so glad they had a great time!

  2. lol!! Please can we go bowling with Sierra next time I am with you guys? I think it would be highly entertaining!! LOL!! Sierra looks beautiful!!