Friday, May 7, 2010

My Love/Hate Relationship with my Computer

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like without a computer in it. I can kind of remember the time when we didn't own one, years ago (it seems now) when every home didn't have at least one PC tucked away somewhere inside. I wonder, now what would I do without one? How would I spend a good chunk of my day without my window to the world in front of my face? How would I keep up with all my friends lives? Without blogs and Facebook, would I have to talk to people one on one? Seriously, I am reaching up to 300 friends on FB- I couldn't keep track of them all like I do without my PC friend. How would I know how their Farms, Zoo's and Mafia's are doing? I am thankful every morning when I come in and check on my favorite blogs - that I can read about loved ones and see pictures of them, their families and know they are doing well- even thriving. I truly have a love affair going on with my computer. I spend more time with it each evening (between 9 and 10 pm) than I do with Eddie. Of course I'd rather play "Bejeweled" than watch "Matlock" (for the 100th time) with Eddie and Grammy, imagine, I'd rather be with the PC then watching with them. they can't :) I do enjoy hearing them say to each other "do you think he did it?" or Grammy "I can't believe people would behave like that" - They both have seen these episodes before, but like "Deal or No Deal" it feels like the first time each time they watch it. But I digress. I know my computer waits quietly for me, ready to perform at a click of a button. Hence, my hatred.
Comcast just decided to get rid of McAffee security and switch to Norton's Anti-virus. This is a free service, which I am grateful for. I've had Norton's in the past, it's good. whatever. The problem lies in the switch over. I followed all the instructions, took the better part of an afternoon to do it, but I was willing to spend the time to insure that my PC buddy was protected. All seemed to go smoothly. until. I. tried. to. visit. my. favorite. spots. pause. pause. still. waiting. and then a little box opens up. Low Disc space available. critical. now my computer runs about as fast as a snail. This is the point when I'd like to drop kick the thing down the stairs. It even gets more frustrating when kids come home, have to do homework or get their FB fix and get mad because the computer is messed up. I hate trying to update or fix things on my computer when to me it doesn't need fixing, and I end up ruining a good thing. So I guess I'll be calling my nephew or our local fix it guy to come and look at my sick friend here. I can't even download a picture to show you how sick it looks :( it would take all day. How sad, what was once a beautiful love affair has turned into a frustrating union of feeble souls. I'd better get on the phone to get it fixed! I have Prom pictures I need to post!!!


  1. OH NO!! Not Buddy the computer/laptop!! (That's what I've just decided to name it) I remember good times on that computer, Holding hands, playing bubble pop, buying a 25 Cents book. Poor, Poor Buddy! Don't worry Buddy, Mom will get you in to see the computer doctor and you will get better. :') I love you Buddy! -singing--Get well, get well soon, I wish you to get well... (sniffle, sniffle)

  2. The laptop is ok Kir. Don't get too singy. :) Their modem went out so they are back to the older computer until they get a new one. It's so odd to not have the laptop in the front room calling my name. I feel for you ma!