Monday, May 10, 2010

THE Prom Dress

Meet the dress that controlled my life for a couple of weeks.
I thought I could make a dress for a lot less than the stores
wanted for it. And I did, but after the counseling I'll be needing
and the therapy sessions, it would have probably been cheaper to just
buy the darn thing:)
Sierra found the perfect pattern, with just one problem- it was
strapless. I was sure I could put two patterns together
and come up with one dress. I dream big. What you see below
came along after days of unpicking and countless times of fittings
on Sierra. Thanks to Ashley, we finally got a dress dummy and
Sierra was free from pin pricks :)
The dress called for over 40 yards of tulle and netting.
Yea, try working with all that- especially installing the zipper.
The dress had 8 layers of fabric and weighed in at about
45 pounds......just kidding, but it sure weighs a lot.

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