Monday, May 10, 2010

Famous Family Proms :)

While writing/whining about Sierra's prom dress (see posting below)
I got thinking about other proms, proms of the past.
I decided to find the pictures I have of proms
gone by. If the pictures are a little bit blurry
(okay so a lot of blurriness)
It's because I took photos of them with my
handy camera. No scanning here people, I'm
just a novice at this stuff. But you'll get the picture. :)
This is Eddie and his buddy Robert (Rob to his friends)
ready for their Junior Prom- circa 1974.
Look how handsome, hubba hubba.
In a bit I'll show you Eddie and his date.
This is Brad and his first prom, first date, only a sophmore,
barely 16.
His date Amber was a few days shy of 16, but got
special permission from dad Lew to go. Notice Brads
hair, the style then, shaved underneath :) 1995
This was the only prom picture I could find of Tommy,
it was a group picture, I just cut it down. Too bad kids
don't give their mom's the pictures from prom- then we'd
know where they are :) Tom went with Sara. He looks very
handsome :) 2006
Here we have Kira with Andrew. He sure looks
serious :( Kira looks stunning :) I made her dress-
We were going through a "Lord of the Rings" period.
weird that Sierra is now dating Andrew's little bro.
Lisa's Junior prom. She went with some guy-
I don't remember his name, I do remember their group
rented out the old Grove theater and watched a movie
after prom there. She wasn't so impressed with him.
But she looked gorgeous! I made her dress too.
Do I hint a bit of Mallory in her face???
Oops, Brad again:) Well his hair is worth another look :)
Brad and Kelly before Senior prom. He looks a lot more
confident, eh? Sporting a kilt and all. Yes, his mother
was still proud of him, at least it's modest :) We had
to find.... I wish I could remember.... 11 or 13 kilts
for he and ALL his friends to wear. Believe it or not
Brad won Prom King this year in this outfit :)
Must have been his hunky legs :)
I know you've been waiting- here's Eddie with his date-
They look like babies.
I've saved the best for last-
Eddie and I ready for my Senior prom.
12 sets of professionally done photos didn't turn
out that year- ours was one of them. I remember being so
sad. I'm grateful Eddie's mom took this one so we'd have
something to remember. I didn't make this dress, I did
make the dress for my Junior prom, but I didn't really like
the guy I went with, so I didn't post it (sorry Carlos, I'm
sure you're a nice person:) LOVE the color of Eddie's tux-
it was very far out in the day.
That's my walk down prom memory lane :)
Thanks for coming!
and if you're mad that I posted your old prom pics-
don't leave your pictures at my house. xoxoxoxo


  1. LOL!! Thanks for the good laugh ma!! Those are awesome pictures! I don't think I've ever seen some of the ones of you and dad! What other pictures have you been hiding from me? :) and my prom pic is from2003. I was married in 2004 som it'd be a little awkward for that pic to be taken in 2005. :D You can post all the pics of me you want, even the mullet ones :D

  2. That is a fantastic collection! And that one of you and Eddie...very groovy. Though look just like yourself today. HOW do you do that?! I'm very impressed...speaking of impressed: those kilted men, wowza! That takes some guts. Good for them! And the Kira/Andrew one cracks me up knowing them only as funny. Thanks for sharing!