Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Doctor Zone

My DH- Great White Hunter (GWH) and I traveled to the U of U this morning to visit his dermatology doctor, the famous Dr. Zone. After years of not knowing what was happening to GWH, with his skin blistering and horrific sores in his mouth and throat, GWH was referred to the U of U's clinic 28 and the team of doctors that work there. The first trip to the clinic, GWH was inspected by no less than 48 different doctors (seriously, we counted :) and their findings were that he had MUCUS MEMBRANE PEMPHIGOID . What a name! But at least we had a name and an understanding that GWH's immune system was killing him. Dr. Zone, the head of the Dermalogical department of the U of U called him personally and asked to see him.

John J. Zone, M.D.

John J. Zone, M.D.

Chairman and Professor of Dermatology

  • B.S., 1967, University of Notre Dame
  • M.D., 1971, SUNY, Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, NY.
  • Residency in Internal Medicine, 1971-1974, SUNY, Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, NY
  • Chief Medical Resident, 1974-1975, SUNY Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, NY
  • Residency in Dermatology, 1975-1978, SUNY at Buffalo
  • Board Certification in Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Dermatological Immunology/Diagnostic and Laboratory Immunology

See what a handsome guy he is :) You can Google him and see what an accomplished doctor and scientist he is. It really is a miracle that he is GWH's doctor. And a saint in my blog! (Thanks for the awesome blessing from our oldest son, it all come together) GWH has been seeing him since December and is doing wonderfully! Not fully cured, but surely on the road to getting there.
We still have a hard time finding the place at the U of U hospital, but have a great time being together. I am so grateful for this man (GWH too, but I mean Dr. Zone :) He gave me back MY hubby, who went away for awhile when he was so sick. And thank goodness for worthy sons who bless their families !

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