Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mags is 2

Today is Mags birthday! April 27.
Magnum Thomas
This boy has big shoes to fill-
named after his uncle Tommy
and a hunky, Hawaiian living, 1980's P.I.
I love -
-the way he runs down my hall to the garage door with both
hands flying above his head all willie nillie, squealing the whole way
- his red hair
I love-
- his blue, blue roundy eyes
-that he always is happy and silly
I love-
-the cutest "David Letterman" split between his two front teeth
-that he has his own language only he understands. It sounds
something like Dori speaking to the whales on Finding Nemo
I love-
-when he comes and takes my hand and leads me to the french doors,
he puts my hand right on the door knob, so I get the idea- he wants US to
go outside
I love-
-that he'll come and stand by me when I am sitting down, he'll let his little
hand just rest on my leg. It's such a "we're buddies" feeling :)
-his little skinny legs that are always sticking out of a pair of shorts
I love-
-the outfits he wears. From Star Wars to his favorite Mickey Mouse
shirt, he always looks fabulous!
-that whenever he wears his Mickey Mouse shirt he shows
everyone multiple times he is wearing his MM shirt

Today is Mags birthday. April 27.


  1. Happy birthday to Mags!! I've decided that Magnum has a strange likeness to Curious George. The more I watch the cartoons the more I think 'hey, that looks like Magnum'. :) What a stinkin cute boy!!