Thursday, April 15, 2010

I heart Personal Progress

I love the YW's Personal Progress program! I love how it helps the YW stretch and grow. I love that when doing PP, the young woman learns to love the scriptures, learns to make and complete goals, and blooms into a mature righteous woman. But I mostly love those times when PP makes a BIG difference in MY life :)
For example- Sierra (her name has been changed to protect the innocent:) my blog, my rules :) but I digress-
Sierra is SOOOO close to getting her YW award, she only needs to complete a few things. One which needed to be done was an experience in preparing food for the family for 2 weeks.
Sierra works. She works everyday after school and doesn't get home until late. (That's another story) So for her to pass off this goal, we decided she could make a list, go shopping with me to get the food, and make enough freezer meals for 7 days. (the true goal is 2 weeks, but go with me here, we are doing the "spirit of the law" not the "letter of the law". Some times mom's have to do these things in order for them to get done. don't judge me :)
So we spent one whole day planning, shopping and preparing food. We browned 6 pounds of hamburger, cooked 6 pounds of chicken, opened 7 cans of tomato sauce, and boiled tons of pasta.
We purchased 4 extra 9x13 pans to go along with the ones I already owned and filled them all.
For dinner that night Sierra prepared and served "French Bread Pizza". I turned out pretty darn good! Liam ate tons of it and even Eddie ate some after he had had pizza for lunch (anybody that knows Eddie, knows that's pretty amazing since he hates pizza)

See- makes your mouth water just looking at it! :)
We made it through the day with only a few frustrations and ended up with many free from making meal days for me! I LOVED it!!!
The lesson learned here- Personal Progress is a wise program that makes a girl into a woman, and a woman (her mom) feel like a girl again! FREEDOM! Thanks Sierra xoxoxo

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