Saturday, April 17, 2010

She's leaving (left) on a Jet Plane (Amtrak Train)

Eddie and I took Kira and kids early this morning to catch an east bound Amtrak train to Iowa. Who knew there was a train station in Provo Utah? In the middle of houses stands this little unmanned train "station", it was clean and well lit and even provided a copy of the "Watchtower" on the benches to help pass the time :)

Kira, Liam, Emma and Fox were all anxious, nervous, sleepy, but ready to get the show on the road. We were told to arrive 1/2 hour early so we wouldn't slow down the schedule of the train. Kira was only allowed to take so many suitcases and bags onto the train, so everything that didn't fit into a bag went onto the kids :) big old winter coats, Fox layered in blankets, backpacks full of toys and goodies :)

The train was behind schedule :( But the kids were great. It was cold waiting in that train station! But we found a button that said "push for heat" (sounds a little Alice in Wonderlandy") We pushed it and on turned in the ceiling heaters! We felt like we were in an oven broiler :) But it got toasty warm, warm enough both Liam and Fox fell asleep

Emma had her trusty blanky ready for the trip. As soon as we heard the train whistle blow, Kira tied her blanket around her neck, scarf style, so it wouldn't get lost. And it's a good thing she did! The train finally arrived at 5:40 am, soon as it stopped 3 men jumped off, scooped up the whole family and all their bags

and what felt like a kidnapping took them into the train "sleeping car" and they were gone! I got to quickly kiss Emma, Fox and say goodbye to Kira, but Liam was gone before I got to him :'( I still haven't gotten over that one yet :( So they are officially gone from one chapter of their lives onto another new exciting adventure. I have heard from them 3 times so far :) The kids are having a great time, LOVE the tunnels and the food is good. So they are happy and excited to see their dad. I am a little in shock and wondering what all the silence is about. I need a little bit of Mags, Mal and Will :) August will be here before I know it, and I'll probably still be cleaning Sharpie markers off my belongings :) love you Kira :)


  1. Ohhh (wiping tears form corners of eyes)! I love that you wrote about their adventure beginning. I hope the kids have a great time and Kira will not be too tense/stressed out/panicky on the trip!

    We road from the California bay area to Washington state once when I was about 8 with my sister, two cousins, my mom and aunt to go see our grandparents there. It was a marvelous adventure--we made a fort with blankets over the seats and other passengers would play along with us as we passed the time. Good times!

    I will so miss working with Kira in YW Sports...but I am sure they won't let her sit idle long in Iowa. She is too valuable not to put right to work! Just sorry for you guys that they are so far away right now. I'm sure it won't be that way forever. Just push through it and then they will be back in your fmaily room with their cousins and aunties and uncles!

  2. I love you too Mom!! We had a great time! Thanks for putting pictures up :)