Saturday, April 24, 2010

FFA Queen and Anniversaries

Somethings as a young mom you never think you will hear out of the mouths of your babes. But, that doesn't mean someday your kids won't surprise you and say something SO random and unexpected it catches you totally off guard. Sierra did that to me her Sophmore year in high school- "mom, I want to join FFA." Huh? When I was in high school, FFA kids were boys who were farmers or cowboys that loved Country music and chew. (At least that was my perspective on them, don't tell that to Pres. Scott Anderson who was in FFA royalty in his HS days) So to hear my sweet, petite little girl say she wanted to join was a real shock. I found at later that cute boys belonged to FFA, well no wonder she wanted to join! Not so weird now that I know the facts :) Sierra has taken her membership quite seriously, which is a shock in its self too. She has participated in multiple competitions in the areas of Poultry Judging (really?), Floral Design and Knowledge, and Interviewing. She has traveled to Denver, Cedar City and Logan to compete. This past week FFA State Competition was held in Logan. Only 12 kids from our school headed to USU to compete in teams of 4. So three teams went. Sierra went to compete in Floral ( she needed to be able to recognize plant species, tell how to care for them, make arrangements - both large and small) She has been practicing and memorizing for weeks. She also went in Poultry Judging (once again- REALLY? where does she get the interest in this area?) In poultry judging you have to be able to tell a "good" layer from other chickens, which eggs are good, etc. To tell which are good layers involves sticking up to 3 fingers in the little hole the eggs appear from, the more fingers, the better the layer. Also if the hen is totally beat up looking- she must be a good layer because this beat up look means the rooster has been paying her a lot of attention- hence "good layer". Well anywho- when Sierra came home Wednesday, she brought along the good news that our FFA floral team won FIRST PLACE at STATE!! She and her 3 other team members will be flying to Indiana next October to represent Utah in the floral area!! She was so excited, as she should be! Sierra also earned a silver on her own in Poultry. Two of the three teams came in first, so 8 kids will go together to Indiana. I guess FFA turned out to be a good thing, and even though she does like Country music, I have never seen a chew can ring in any of her back pockets.

Wednesday was also mine and Eddie's 32nd anniversary :) We celebrated BIG in February with a cruise, so I figured the actual day of our anniversary would be no big deal. I never even brought up the subject of anniversary. So when the actual day rolled around, I decided I wouldn't say a thing and see how long it took him to say something about it. That morning Eddie was running late to work and as he was driving out of the driveway, my BFF Sabrina came up the driveway to go walking with me. She didn't say a thing to me, but went right up to Eddie's truck and knocked on the window. He rolled down the window and she said, "Happy Anniversary!". Oh man, you should have seen Eddie's face!! LOL! He looked sick! He looked at Sabrina, he looked at me, and very sheepishly said, "happy anniversary Wee." and had to drive away to work. I laughed to hard, I wasn't mad at him at all. I told Sabrina my plan for the day- to see how long it would take... she was worried she ruined it, but as long as it wasn't me who said something I was fine. Well about 1:30 that afternoon, beautiful flowers showed up at my door! Almost a good as a cruise :) This picture was taken today, so the flowers, like me, aren't so perky anymore :) That was a good day.
Now for my laugh of the week. I took Grammy to WalMart Wednesday- what a busy day that turned out to be :) She had a pedicure and I guess I left her there long enough, she also had a manicure. They are pretty,huh?
Sierra noticed her nails this morning and commented on them, "they are pretty Gram, what design do you have on them?" Gram says, "Heck if I know, that's what happens when you can't understand the lady and you just nod your head- you get this stuff on them. I hope its not some bad words in their language!" That just really made me giggle hard, actually guffaw right out loud!


  1. Oh, how I ♥ you and your family! So many thoughts to comment here, but I won't litter your comment section too badly. LOVE Grammy's comment about the bad words on her nails! HaHaHaHaHa!

  2. WOW!! That's awesome for SIerra!! I wish it was Iowa she was going to, I would drive to see her. :) And I like Grammy's nails too, beeaauuutifuull! :)